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Petland Pembroke Pines Giveaway Winners Get A New Puppy

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Mother’s Day was celebrated a bit differently this year by numerous families across the nation. During these challenging times, we at Petland always want to ensure that our community still has positivity and happiness. It’s for this reason that on Mother’s Day this year, we gave a wonderful family the gift of a furry companion […]

Puppy Giveaway at Petland Largo

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Mother’s Day was a bit different this year. Many families across the nation celebrated with their mothers inside their homes away from others. During these trying times, we want to make every single day a positive experience for everyone. This year for Mother’s Day, we at Petland gave a lucky winner the gift of a […]

Petland Florida Makes A Dog Food Donation

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On April 29, 2020, many pet owners experiencing financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic received a wonderful treat with our dog food donation drive! The donation took place at the Miami Lakes United Methodist Church, where pet owners were able to collect high-quality dog food in the parking lot. Our staff and volunteers took great […]

How To Care For Your Dog During A Pandemic

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With social distancing and quarantine regulations in place, our wonderful dogs are likely confused (and excited) to see their favorite humans at home with them. Of course, as a puppy owner, you are also equally as thrilled to be able to spend time with your wonderful furry companions, even if it’s only temporary. You may […]

What is a Therapy Dog?

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Many dogs serve as wonderful and faithful companions to humanity. More than often, they showcase their loyalty, respect, and affection without expecting anything in return. Some dogs, with their sweet personalities and obedient natures, are talented at providing exceptional support to others in need. Sometimes, these dogs become therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are trained pets […]

Petland Puppy Giveaway Winner Gets New Puppy

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Puppies always help us feel loved and appreciated whenever we hold them close to our hearts. They’re especially great at lifting up our spirits, especially during such challenging times. It’s for this reason that we love seeing our pups finding their new loving families! We recently held a Puppy Giveaway to bring the gift of […]

How To Find Your Lost Dog

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Loyal, sweet-natured, and always willing to make you happy, your dog is a well-beloved member of your family! It’s the beautiful moments you share with your furry bestie that makes losing them painful. You may try to puppy-proof your home and teach your dog to follow basic commands, but there’s always a chance they can […]

Petland Makes A Puppy Donation

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We recently had the joy and honor of giving a wonderful family the gift of an adorable furry companion. At Petland Pembroke Pines, we donated one of our adorable puppies named Oscar to a family going through a few difficult hardships. Our store manager, Luis Marquez, was touched by the family’s story and wanted to […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs an ID Tag

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Even if your pet is always indoors, it’s a good idea that they have an ID tag on at all times. Disasters, accidents, and escapes can happen when you least expect it, regardless of how well-trained your pet is. Psychology Today reports that less than 2% of cats and only 15 to 20% of dogs […]

7 Things To Do With Your Puppy Indoors

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In current times, it’s hard to spend time with your puppy outside, especially with the social distancing guidelines in place. You and your puppy may be spending time indoors with nothing to do. Unfortunately, a bored puppy may lash out in inappropriate behavior as a way to get your attention. To prevent your puppy from […]