Belgian Malinois: A Puppy You’ll Forever Love

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a lesser-known purebred dog breed. We at Petland Florida have been obsessed with this athletic, impressive, and highly intelligent breed for a while. We’re happy to say that you can now get your very own Belgian Malinois puppy at our Petland Florida locations! If you’ve ever watched a tightrope walking acrobat […]

The Belgian Malinois is a lesser-known purebred dog breed. We at Petland Florida have been obsessed with this athletic, impressive, and highly intelligent breed for a while. We’re happy to say that you can now get your very own Belgian Malinois puppy at our Petland Florida locations!

If you’ve ever watched a tightrope walking acrobat and said to yourself, why can’t you be a puppy? Or if you’ve ever watched the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team and wished you could find a dog that was just as nimble with its flips, you’re in luck! There is a dog breed that can balance across high wires, scale walls, do back flips off trees, and otherwise display feats of super-canine strength!

The Belgian Malinois, or Maligator as it’s commonly referred, is the Navy Seal of the domestic dog world. In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this mind-blowing purebred. 

The Belgian Malinois originated as a cattle and livestock herding dog in the 1800s. Named after the specific city and country it hailed from, namely Malines, Belgium, the Belgian Malinois was initially developed as a smaller, sprightlier German Shepherd. To this day, some people mistake the Belgian Malinois with the German Shepherd when they see a medium-length haired Malinois.  

Similar to German Shepherds, a dog breed with such high intelligence, loyalty, and courage that before long the police and military adopted it as a working dog, the Belgian Malinois has enjoyed the same elevation of status. Belgian Malinois have been used in military operations since the First World War. In modern times, the Belgian Malinois is the token breed of the military, and it’s even said that Belgian Malinois dogs helped locate and take down Osama bin Laden. 

Though this dog breed looks intimidating, burly, and austere, it’s actually known for being loyal and affectionate with its owner and family. Belgian Malinois dogs value their bonding time with their favorite person and enjoy a good snuggle session at the end of a long day. That being said, Belgian Malinoises should be regarded as working dogs and not strictly as “companion” dogs. 

This highly energetic dog breed won’t be suitable for every human lifestyle, and does best with athletic people who need a dog to work for them. A Belgian Malinois is happier when running drills all day with the Army than it would be staying at home all day with its owner. However, if staying at home all day came with the job of being a Service Dog to a disabled owner, that’s a different story! Your Belgian Malinois needs an energy-intensive, constant job to do all day long! 

Belgian Malinoises require ample socialization during their puppyhoods. This dog breed needs to be exposed to people of all ages and walks of life, as well as other domestic animals, while it’s a puppy so that it can learn to meet new people and enter new situations with tempered curiosity. When a Belgian Malinois is not socialized throughout puppyhood, its natural instinct to be hostile and aggressive towards strangers will take root. For the Belgian Malinois, there is only “us” and “them.” Whoever is not part of the family will be viewed as a threat to the family and your Belgian Malinois will take no prisoners. 

A well-socialized and properly trained Belgian Malinois is trustworthy and reliable. This dog breed is so intelligent that, when properly trained, it can discern between threatening strangers and those who pose zero danger. It will also be able to apply the necessary force to fight off a threat without being overly aggressive. For example, your Belgian Malinois will bark to alert you that a pedestrian is passing by your house or if a car pulls into your driveway, but will not ready itself to attack the unknown person. It will know that in these instances the strange people are not posing threats to the family. If, however, someone tries to break into the house through a window, your Belgian Malinois will stop the intruder by all means necessary. 

Though the Belgian Malinois is considered a “working” dog and originated as a herding breed, it’s best to regard this dog as a form of home protection in addition to a highly intelligent working dog that needs an important energy-intensive job to do as part of your family. 

Most Belgian Malinois dogs have a short, double-coat of fur, which means they’re easy to groom and only undergo a big “shed” twice a year. Brushing your Belgian Malinois twice a week is enough to strip him of loose hair before it gets all over your home. One of the greatest reliefs that Belgian Malinois owners experience is having dogs of excellent health. This dog breed is one of the healthiest around. This is due in large part to the military relying on this breed. Belgian Malinoises are bred for health so that they can be used long-term in the armed forces. When you take home a Belgian Malinois, you can be sure that your dog will live a long, healthy life, and your trips to the vet will generally only include check ups. 

Training a Belgian Malinois comes with its pros and cons. Thanks to the high intelligence of this dog breed and its willingness to please its owner, Belgian Malinoises are quick and easy to train. Your Belgian Malinois will master basic commands in record time. That being said, their high intelligence can also make them willful, stubborn, and domineering in instances when their owners stop training them once basic commands have been learned. The training and working must continue throughout your Belgian Malinois’s life. Remember, you Belgian Malinois will be happiest when he’s working for you throughout the day. Just do a Google search of this dog breed or watch YouTube videos of what Belgian Malinoises can do, and you’ll gain a sense of how to keep your Belgian Malinois busy and content. 

You’ve probably guessed by now that the exercise requirements of a Belgian Malinois are quite a lot. Belgian Malinoises can easily be on the move for 8 hours a day without breaking a sweat. This dog breed needs a lot of exercise and it should include sprinting, jumping, agility courses, and any games or tasks that require your Belgian Malinois to use his mind and intelligence to “figure out” how to succeed at the task. Belgian Malinois dogs make great Service Dogs, farm dogs, and companions on hiking and camping trips that will include a lot of walking and trail blazing. 

Now that you’ve read just about everything there is to know about the Belgian Malinois dog breed, you’ll probably agree that this unique breed isn’t for everyone. Is it for you? If you’re an active individual who has plenty of time to train a Belgian Malinois and also use your Belgian Malinois as a working dog to make your life easier and your adventures more adventurous, then this dog breed could be right for you. Stop by Petland Florida to meet our Belgian Malinoises and learn more about this athletic, acrobatic, and protective purebred dog!