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The purebred dog breed, Samoyeds are beautiful, fluffy, happy pets. In this article, Petland Florida lays out the facts about Samoyeds you need to know.  THE “SMILING” DOG Samoyeds are friendly, social, and adaptable dogs. They have a cheerful temperament. In fact, they’re known as the “smiling” dog because the corners of their mouths curl […]

The purebred dog breed, Samoyeds are beautiful, fluffy, happy pets. In this article, Petland Florida lays out the facts about Samoyeds you need to know. 

A beautiful Asian woman sits next to her purebred Samoyed dog, and they're both smiling, as facts about Samoyeds include that this breed is known as the "smiling dog."


Samoyeds are friendly, social, and adaptable dogs. They have a cheerful temperament. In fact, they’re known as the “smiling” dog because the corners of their mouths curl up, forming a smile. This is a feature that prevents Samoyeds from drooling. Since Samoyeds originated in Siberia, any drool would freeze, and so this breed genetically evolved to prevent drooling! 

Smiling in order to not drool is only one aspect of what makes Samoyeds so happy. This breed is a natural companion. Samoyeds love their families. They exude happiness and contentment, which you bet rubs off on their owners! We dare you to spend time with a Samoyed and not smile from ear to ear.

This breed is medium-sized. It has a thick, fluffy, “bright white” coat of hair. Though Samoyeds appear bright white, they actually come in four different shades of white. Those are called white, biscuit, cream, and white & biscuit. If you caught that we used the term “hair” and not “fur,” you have a good eye! Samoyeds, in fact, have hair and not fur. Hair is defined as” single follicle.” And hair tends to be hypoallergenic. In the case of Samoyeds, their hair is hypoallergenic!

Samoyeds live between 12 – 14 years when they’re cared for and kept in good condition. Providing for your Samoyed in order to keep him in good health requires more than providing the basic necessities of shelter, food, water, and exercise. A Samoyed must be loved, given quality attention, and be included as a valued member of the family!

A gorgeous, smiling Samoyed puppy takes a rest outside after playing tug of war with his owner in the grass and sunshine.


As we touched upon in the prior section, Samoyeds need to be included in their owners’ lives and in the lives of their families. This speaks to how Samoyeds are a highly social dog breed. In a lot of ways, the term “companion dog” was created to describe the Samoyed breed! This is a highly sociable, companion dog. Samoyeds do not do well being left alone. This is not an “outdoor dog” that can be left in the backyard. 

Samoyeds are also “vocal” dogs. Though they lack the drama queen temperament of the highly vocal Husky, a breed that also hails from Siberia, Samoyeds have a lot to say! They have a natural tendency to “bark a lot.” But this can be curbed and nearly eliminated. 

With respect to the fact that Samoyeds bark to communicate with their owners, proactive owners can be quicker than their dogs. Communicate first by telling your Samoyed to “leave it” or otherwise communicating that you’re aware of the “new factor” in the Samoyed’s environment. 

A fun fact about Samoyeds that makes them unique is their seemingly contradictory attitude to strangers. On the one hand, Samoyeds are known for being open to strangers. They love meeting new people and making friends. And yet they have a “guard dog” streak. Samoyeds can be protective of their owners, families, and homes. Surely, we can all agree that no one wants a “one-dimensional” dog. And Samoyeds are hardly one-dimensional. They’re quite dynamic in their fluctuating attitude of social butterfly and cautious watchdog. 

A woman takes her purebred Samoyed on a walk outside in the autumn woods to show that Samoyeds need 20 to 40 minutes of daily exercise.


Compared to all purebred dog breeds, Samoyeds don’t need a ton of daily exercise. This breed is happy with 20 – 40 minutes of outdoor daily exercise. A combination of a brisk walk with a game of fetch and some quality time playing with other dogs at a dog park will tire your Samoyed out. Providing adequate exercise to your Samoyed will ensure he is calm at home. 


Among all of the dog breeds out there, Samoyeds are the best family dog breed that’s talked about the least. In a lot of ways, Samoyeds are not common. Many people haven’t even heard of Samoyeds. But professionals in the dog breeding, dog training, and even dog grooming world know that Samoyeds have a great temperament for getting along with children and other pets. 

The American Kennel Club ranks Samoyeds as being categorically “excellent” with young children. This speaks to the breed’s gentle nature, patient personality, and cheerful temperament. Though a “working group” dog, Samoyeds are not hunters or hounds. They do not have a natural “prey drive.” This means that your cats and other furry creatures will be safe and comfortable around your Samoyed.  

A happy Samoyed puppy lays on the wooden floor inside a beautiful cabin with twinkling lights in the background.


The cornerstone of having the best version of the Samoyed breed boils down to puppy training. No matter how wonderful the Samoyed’s natural temperament is, an untrained Samoyed will be a headache to live with. Start training your Samoyed as soon as you bring him home as a puppy. 

Samoyeds are intelligent dogs. They’re rarely “willful,” which means that they will enjoy the training process and won’t try to test boundaries by disobeying. That being said, properly training your Samoyed will involve regular training sessions, putting into practice the commands you’ve taught your puppy, and remaining consistent with your communication and upholding the house rules you’ve set. 

For Petland Florida customers who get their Samoyed puppy from one of our pet stores in Florida, you’ll automatically receive 6 weeks of puppy training for free. At our free puppy training classes, which meet once per week, our professional dog trainers will teach you how to train your puppy. This happens at the same time your puppy is learning basic commands in the class. This is a great opportunity to socialize your Samoyed puppy, as other puppies and owners will attend the class with you!


Owning a Samoyed can be a joy. But this beautiful breed originally lived in extremely cold temperatures. Hailing from Siberia, the Samoyed’s thick, non-shedding coat of fur guaranteed the dog would feel comfortable in sub-zero weather. So, what does this mean for the average Floridian who owns a Samoyed?

If you live in Florida, we don’t have to tell you it can be hot and humid year-round. Since Samoyed do not shed much, the high temperatures in Florida can become dangerous for this breed. But there are a number of things you can do to keep your Samoyed cool and comfortable in Florida. 

How to Keep Your Samoyed Cool in Florida

First and foremost, your home should be air conditioned. Never leave your Samoyed at home without air conditioning. Provide your Samoyed with a bed and resting area that’s not in direct sunlight. We also recommend buying a cooling mat or cooling bed. A cooling mat will pull body heat from your dog while they lay on it. There are many models that do not require refrigeration.  

In addition to providing an indoor environment that keeps your Samoyed cool, it’s also a good idea to frequently brush and de-shed your Samoyed if you live in southern Florida. Samoyed do not naturally shed. This is an aspect of what makes them hypoallergenic. But their undercoat can be “thinned out” by brushing the coat a few times a week. 

There are also professional de-shedding methods that dog groomers use. This includes using a high velocity blow dryer, shampooing with de-shedding shampoo, and “raking” the coat with special brushes that “grip and pull” hair from the coat.

You can learn about other ways to keep your Samoyed cool.   


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