Best New Tech for Puppy Owners in 2023

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What unites cutting-edge technology with soft puppies, you ask?  The year 2023! Artificial intelligence has been rapidly integrating with everyday devices to transform these practical tools into lifestyle-enhancing timesavers. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that. Your smartphone is probably a fifth limb by now. But finally, new technology can now assist you […]

What unites cutting-edge technology with soft puppies, you ask? 

The year 2023!

Artificial intelligence has been rapidly integrating with everyday devices to transform these practical tools into lifestyle-enhancing timesavers. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that. Your smartphone is probably a fifth limb by now. But finally, new technology can now assist you in caretaking for your furry friend. And that’s only the beginning. 

The best new tech for puppy owners on the market today will not only save you time but also add a ton of fun into your relationship with your new dog!

New gadgets that can transform the life you share with your puppy include puppy cameras, automatic dog feeders & smart water fountains, doggy DNA tests, and so much more. This article will introduce new technology and how it can improve your relationship with your dog.


Society recognizes the importance of maternity and paternity leave, but has yet to include “puppernity leave” for employees. After bringing home a brand-new puppy and growing the deep roots of trust that bond your souls together as one, it can be excruciating to have to leave your fur baby at home while you work all day long. 

This is where puppy cams can make all the difference in the world. A “puppy cam” or puppy camera is an internet-connected camera device that will record your puppy in real-time and play the feed on your smartphone through its associated app. By installing this system, you can set your puppy up in his playpen for the day with everything he needs, set up the puppy cam to record him in his pen, and keep your eye on him all day long by checking the app on your smartphone. 

According to PC magazine, the best puppy cam of 2023 is the Furbo 360° Dog Camera. The greatest features of this device is that it’s designed for adult dogs who roam freely around the house, which makes it a worthwhile long-term investment. You can remotely rotate the camera and you can push a button on the app to cause the device to shoot out dog treats! Also, if your dog barks or makes distress noises, the app will notify you immediately so that you can take a look at what might be going on with your dog.  


If you’ve fallen in love with and taken home a “sporting breed,” then you may have already noticed that you have quite a sprinter on your hands! Sporting breeds, also referred to as “working breeds,” are purebreds that are known for running, chasing, and sprinting. Well known sporting breeds include Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, and Cocker Spaniels. As lovely as having a sporting breed puppy is, the last thing you need is to have a heart attack because your new fur baby took off running when you least expected it. 

Using a GPS dog tracking collar is an excellent way to keep your mind at ease. Of course, you wouldn’t want your puppy to run off, but if he does and he’s wearing a GPS tracking collar that’s connected to your smartphone, then you’ll be able to track him down in real-time and save your pooch from the great unknown. 

We like the Fi Series 3 GPS Tracker Smart Dog Collar, because its associated app is very straightforward to use and has a Lost Dog Mode. Once you engage the Lost Dog Mode, you can track your pup and the app will generate real addresses every two minutes to help you quickly locate your dog. The collar is also waterproof, and has a fun feature that will track your dog’s “steps” for health & fitness purposes!


Who says fun-loving ancestry investigations are only for people? We now have DNA tests for dogs! Granted, you probably aren’t going to discover that your puppy is a descendant of an Egyptian Pharaoh, but doing a doggy DNA test is still a ton of fun and it will tell you all the breeds that your dog belongs to, down to 1%. 

Of course, if you have a purebred Petland Florida puppy, then the doggy pedigree paperwork already told you the breed or breeds that your new fur baby belongs to. But hey, there’s no downside to confirming what we already promised. If you don’t have a Petland pup, but rather a shelter dog or a loving mutt, then doing a doggy DNA test can be especially fun and useful.

According to The New York Times’ Wirecutter Reviews the two best doggy DNA test kits are from Embark Breed & Health Kit and Wisdom Panel Premium. Embark’s DNA test covers all of the breeds listed with the American Kennel Club and guarantees a 95% – 99% accuracy. That being said, this test kit is far better for hybrid and purebred dogs. If you have a mutt that is so mixed you can’t even begin to guess what breeds belong to his makeup, then we recommend you go with the Wisdom Panel Premium. 



As a responsible pet owner, you would certainly never want to leave your puppy home for long periods of time. And in your mind, being away from your dog for days on end would be out of the question. We’re right there with you. If you foresee that you’re going to have to be away from your puppy for longer than 8 hours, especially if you’re going to leave town for days, then you must ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to stop in on your puppy multiple times a day. And you may even consider hiring a professional dog sitter to either stay with your puppy in your home or keep your puppy with them at their home while you’re gone. 

For those of you who know that you’re going to have to leave your puppy for no longer than 10 hours and especially if those 10 hours span feeding times, in addition to having a friend stop in or a dog walker come by twice a day, you may want to invest in an automatic dog feed and smart water fountain. 

The year 2023 has brought with it some seriously high-tech dog feeders. Some of them come with built-in cameras, timers, and other interactive features such as “tossing” a treat to your dog! They’re also built for durability and your curious puppy won’t be able to break it open or otherwise destroy it. If you’re looking for a dog feeder without all the bells and whistles, and just need one that’s easy to program and hard to break, then we recommend Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder.

Whether or not your schedule demands that you’re gone for long periods of time, having a smart water fountain for your puppy is a win-win. Depending on the time of year, heat level, humidity level, and other environmental factors, your puppy may need to drink quite a bit of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. For anyone who has recently brought home a new puppy and begun to manage the ongoing task of refreshing their water bowl, you know that the water can get a bit gross and go everywhere. With a smart water fountain, you can reduce or even eliminate all of these issues. 

An affordable, high-quality smart water fountain to start with is the InstaChew PurrFlow Smart Water Fountain. This appliance features an app-enabled water fountain that allows you to keep a consistent water flow or set schedules, designate portions, and power off and on with the touch of a button. It comes with a quadruple-stage filtration system and UV light to disinfect and ensure that water stays clean and drinkable. Thanks to the app’s built-in push notifications, you keep track of water levels, set time reminders to release water portions, and receive reminders to clean and replace filters.

That concludes the best new technology for puppy owners that has hit the market this 2023. Thanks for reading and be sure to stop in Petland Florida to meet our new arrivals and fall in love with your next furry friend!