Best Dog Breeds for City Living

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We all know that dogs need space and we would never want to keep an animal cooped up. This sentiment has at times prevented city dwellers from getting a puppy, and their hearts are in the right place!  But there’s good news for people who live in busy cities and don’t have much space in […]

We all know that dogs need space and we would never want to keep an animal cooped up. This sentiment has at times prevented city dwellers from getting a puppy, and their hearts are in the right place! 

But there’s good news for people who live in busy cities and don’t have much space in their apartments. Several dog breeds feel right at home in smaller environments. 

If you take home one of these breeds on our list, you’ll never have to feel guilty about the size of your home. Read on to learn about the best dog breeds for city living! 


A Pug takes great selfies, especially with this female owner who snaps a candid pic with her Pug in a city.

Few dog breeds prefer naps to exercise, but thanks to the Pug’s calm, lazy demeanor, Pugs never feel “cooped up.” This small, stout, and cheerful purebred dog breed feels quite cozy living in small spaces. The exercise needs of the Pug are virtually non-existent. This makes the Pug a great choice for city dwellers, especially those who go to work. You’ll never feel guilty leaving your Pug in your urban apartment while you’re at work, because Pugs are more than happy to nap pretty much all day long. Pugs are also satisfied with a walk around the block to meet their exercise needs, and even that much can be challenging for these little fur gremlins! 


A cute French Bulldog on a leash goes for a walk on a busy city sidewalk, and life is good!

Small in stature, mellow at heart, the French Bulldog is the next purebred dog breed to make it on our list of dogs that like city living. Similar to the Pug, French Bulldogs feel content in smaller living spaces and don’t require too much exercise. In fact, your French Bulldog will probably be happier if you carry him for most of his daily walk. Frenchies are true companion dogs, so be prepared that as long as you’re home with your French Bulldog, he’s going to expect lots of snuggles and affection. Your Frenchie will make his home on your lap and smile up at you with eyes full of love!


A mellow Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sits introspectively in a city to show that this purebred dog breed enjoys city life.
Editorial photo credit: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock.com

Affectionate to the extent of being considered “lovey-dovey,” the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small, dainty lap dog. This beautiful purebred dog breed doesn’t so much walk as prance, and when a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is relaxing at home, this breed exudes an air of regal dignity that can add class and warmth to your apartment and life. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do have an independent side, which can make some of them well-adapted to being left home alone. That being said, this lovable dog breed does best when its owner isn’t gone too long during the day. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel made it on our list because this breed has no problem living in confined apartments. Its daily exercise requirements can be easily met with a 45 minute walk and / or a play session at the local dog park. 


Chihuahuas love people watching from outdoor cafes, as shown here a beautiful Asian woman with a long haired Chihuahua works on her tablet.

Among the best small breeds for first time dog owners, the Chihuahua is a pint-sized pooch with big eyes and an even bigger heart! Chihuahuas are loyal, loving, and highly intuitive to their owners’ moods, feelings, and dispositions. In fact, your Chihuahua may know you’re headed for a downtrodden mood even before you do! Chihuahuas are great dogs for city living because they don’t need a lot of indoor space, and thanks to their tiny size, an average walk around the block is their version of a marathon. The one caveat with this heart-warming dog breed is that Chihuahuas are prone to experiencing separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. If your family has varying schedules or if you have roommates that come and go, ensuring that someone is usually home, then your Chihuahua will be quite happy. 


An adorable Bulldog takes a hearty nap on his owners bed to show that Bulldogs can live in cities.

Courageous yet sleepy, friendly yet protective, playful yet prone to getting tired out, the Bulldog is the snuggle-bum on the dog world. This breed is all about comfort, relaxation, and spending quality time with its favorite person. Similar to the Pug and French Bulldog, both of which appreciate their snooze time, a Bulldog feels perfectly at peace in a small living space, and if you’re gone most of the day, your Bulldog will sleep your absence away. In fact, you may notice that your Bulldog likes his naps even when you’re home! Bulldogs are especially great for city dwellers because their exercise needs are the most minimal of all the dog breeds. A solid 20 minutes of consecutive exercise will do it for this stocky breed, and don’t be surprised if your Bulldog takes a long nap afterwards!


A happy Yorkshire Terrier is one of the best breeds for city living, as lounged on the couch in this photo.

One of the perkiest purebred dog breeds known to man, the Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny dog with a cheerful disposition and a penchant for hunting small critters. More than a century ago, Yorkshire Terriers used to accompany their owners to work in factories in Yorkshire, England. These Yorkies would fetch tools and materials for their owners, and hunt mice and rats in their spare time, keeping the factories free of rodents, and therefore disease-free! These owners carried their Yorkies to work in their purses and satchels. This is all to say that not only will your Yorkie be content and happy living with you in a city apartment, but your furry friend will also feel right at home in your purse! Despite their small size, Yorkshire Terriers have a great deal of energy. But they don’t need a lot of space to exercise. Most Yorkies will not wait for their walk, but rather bound around their home, running and doing all kinds of acrobatics to blow off some steam!


A woman cuddles with her Shih Tzu dog breed on the comfortable rug of her urban apartment.

Known for being lively and friendly, the Shih Tzu is a purebred dog breed with long, fluffy fur, a flat, smiling face, and a distinct love of sitting on couches. This dog breed gets along with other dogs and has a gentle, patient demeanor towards children, making it an excellent choice for families who live in cities. Though Shih Tzus need to be brushed to keep their long fur from tangling, they actually don’t shed much. This dog breed has been around for more than one thousand years, and in all that time its primary job was to lounge around palaces. This isn’t to say that the Shih Tzu needs a palace-worth of space. Quite the opposite! Your Shih Tzu will love lounging around your studio apartment and keeping the couch warm until you get home from work!

Those are Petland Florida’s top 7 dog breeds for city dwellers! If you live near our city, Miami, be sure to stop in one of our locations to meet the adorable puppies on this list!