10 Reasons Why Owning a Great Dane Is the Best

Great Dane

Here at Petland Florida, we love all dog breeds. But whenever we’re around the water cooler, we agree that owning a Great Dane is the best! Find out why! Here are 10 reasons why owning a Great Dane is unlike living with any other dog breed.  1. THEY TRULY ARE GENTLE GIANTS  One of the […]

Here at Petland Florida, we love all dog breeds. But whenever we’re around the water cooler, we agree that owning a Great Dane is the best!

Find out why! Here are 10 reasons why owning a Great Dane is unlike living with any other dog breed. 

A black Great Dane towers over its female owner to show that Great Danes are gentle giants.


One of the most interesting facts about Great Danes is that even though they were originally bred to be ferocious guard dogs, they are actually remarkably mild-mannered. Mellow and easy going, a Great Dane regards family life with an air of sweetly reserved curiosity. Sure, Great Danes have unique personalities and can be boisterous, but on the whole, their demeanor is gentle. They’re careful with themselves, understanding their large size. Maybe it’s their giant stature that causes them to be calm, confident, and cool. No other dog breed deserves the title “gentle giant” more than the Great Dane!


This beautiful dog breed quickly becomes emotionally attached to its owner and family. A Great Dane is happiest when it’s close to its favorite person. At home, this could mean snuggling on the couch. And outside it will look like joyful playing with lots of kisses and love. Great Danes are sensitive, intuitive companion dogs. You can count on your Great Dane to comfort you whenever you feel down. And he’ll also celebrate with you every time you’re in a good mood! This breed is known for being highly loyal. Owning a Great Dane is a lot like having a second heart beating outside of yourself!

A black and white Great Dane fits himself on a small leather armchair to show that owning a Great Dane is not without moments of humor.


You would never guess it by looking at a Great Dane, but this huge dog breed can actually live in a home of any size. Mellow and low-key at home, Great Danes feel quite comfortable in small living spaces. We often recommend Great Danes to city dwellers who live in small or medium-size apartments for this reason. Just don’t be surprised if your Great Dane tries to squeeze himself into an extra-small spot in your home. Great Danes love getting extra cozy by forcing their huge frames into tiny spaces. Just keep in mind that this breed needs about 2 hours of daily exercise. Your Great Dane will feel happy with a long walk followed by off leash running and playing at a park. 


Don’t let the Great Dane’s title as a “gentle giant” fool you. This is a protective breed that will not hesitate to defend you, your family, and your home if need be. One of the things we love most about owning a Great Dane is that this dog breed has excellent instincts. Danes are friendly with strangers, yes. They’re happy to meet new people when they’re out on their walk with their owners. And they always enjoy the dog park. But if a threat emerges during a walk, your Great Dane will be the first to smell it coming, and do something about it. Great Danes also have innate instincts to guard their homes. 

A black and white Great Dane watches after a blonde toddler on the beach to show that Great Danes are loyal companion dogs, and owning a Great Dane is a joy.


Great Danes make excellent family dogs. They’re gentle and patient with children. As obedient, loyal dogs, a Great Dane enjoys listening to commands, even if an 8 year old is the one telling them what to do! For this reason, Great Danes are easy for kids to manage and care for. Owning a dog can help kids to handle responsibilities, which is great for their development as little people! At Petland Florida, we never hesitate to recommend the Great Dane dog breed to families with children. 


Thanks to their short, smooth coat of fur, Great Danes are easy to groom. They don’t get dirty easily. And this breed doesn’t smell bad. You’ll need to brush your Great Dane once per week, ideally with a “slicker brush.” They can be bathed every 8 – 12 weeks. And it’s best to dry your Great Dane with a high-velocity dryer because it will help de-shed loose fur. Great Danes tend to be calm, cool, and relaxed while being groomed. This means that taking your Great Dane to be professionally groomed will not be a headache. 

A giant black Great Dane stands on its hind legs and hugs a woman in a green shirt.


Great Danes have a uniform temperament and specific characteristics. They are affectionate, even considered “lovey-dovey” with their owners. Great Danes are also friendly and playful with children. And every Great Dane owner will tell you that their loyal dog is a “gentle giant.” Those are all the givens! But the personality of any Great Dane is unique! Your Great Dane could be boisterous and goofy, or shy and sensitive. These mysterious dogs are known for being “true characters” unto themselves. Great Danes are also known for being quirky. Don’t be surprised if your gentle giant tries to sit on your lap or fit on a chair that’s 5 sizes too small! 

A huge, fawn and brindle colored Great Dane naps on a red leather couch.


Among all of the purebred dog breeds out there, Great Danes covet the top 3 ranking for colors. Officially, Great Danes come in 7 colors. But when you consider all the different color combinations, markings, and fur patterns, the result is limitless. Great Danes can be white, merle, brindle, blue, harlequin, silver, fawn, fawnequin, mantle, black and white, piebald, and black, phew!


Until you own a Great Dane, you’ll have to take our word on this. But Great Danes imbue their owners with magical powers. This is because Great Danes influence their owners and families to take on the Dane’s confidence, patience, and tremendous ability to love unconditionally. Great Danes shower their favorite people with adoration. They provide their families with unwavering love. And their very presence is a protective force that causes people to feel calm, content, and at peace. Great Danes help us to focus on the positive, to feel grateful, and to love life with a big heart!

A black and white Great Dane rests its front paws on a tree trunk to show how tall this purebred dog breed is.


Great Danes are absolutely the tallest dog breed. They are literally a head above the rest! Male Great Danes stand at 32 inches, paw-to-shoulder. And they can weigh up to 175 lbs of pure muscle. A Great Dane standing on its hind legs will tower over any human. They’re basically the horses of the canine world! Their fabulous height gives Great Danes a regal look and noble stature. When you walk your Great Dane, people will stop to marvel. And don’t be surprised when a crowded sidewalk parts for you and your Dane like the Red Sea! This purebred dog breed effortlessly demands respect.  


Great Danes make excellent companion dogs. They also thrive in families with children. What we love most about the Great Dane dog breed is their flexibility and adaptability. Great Danes can live comfortably in small homes despite their huge size. And they also enjoy large homes, of course. But no one will ever be excluded from owning a Great Dane if they want to!

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