10 Most Popular Dog Breeds for Moms

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With Mother’s Day coming up, you may be wondering what gift to get for your Mom that will make her leap for joy. Look no further—we have the perfect idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Whether Mom needs a loyal companion at her side or a snuggly buddy to cuddle with her on the couch, […]

With Mother’s Day coming up, you may be wondering what gift to get for your Mom that will make her leap for joy. Look no further—we have the perfect idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Whether Mom needs a loyal companion at her side or a snuggly buddy to cuddle with her on the couch, a dog will always be there for her no matter what.

Of course, we know searching for the perfect dog breed is a daunting task for any new puppy parent. To better help you find your mother’s dream puppy, here are the 10 most popular dog breeds for Moms.

  1. The Golden Retriever

Highly regarded as one of the most loyal dog breeds, the Golden Retriever acts as a sweet companion for any mom and their families. The Golden Retriever is confident, intelligent, active, and patient, which makes them a perfect furry buddy for stay-at-home moms or moms who are constantly on-the-go. They’re rarely ever aggressive and prefer to be indoors with their humans.

  1. Pugs

Adaptable, charming, and sturdy, Pugs make for wonderful companions for all moms. They’re very affectionate and eager to please. They also don’t require much exercise, making them excellent pets for apartment-living. Smart and outgoing, Pugs can be mischievous little creatures but tend to respond well to positive praise and training.

  1. The Labrador Retriever

A popular breed among different groups, The Labrador Retriever is patient, playful, and affectionate. Their reliability and protectiveness make them ideal pets for any mom. They are also highly trainable and love being active (lots of walks and playtime!). They can adapt to any kind of environment and possess an even temperament, which allows them to get along with other pets and humans.

  1. Standard Schnauzer

Although it was originally bred to hunt mice, rats, and other small animals, the Standard Schnauzer is now known for its energetic nature, trainability, playfulness, and natural ease with children. They can also protect Mom from any kind of outside threat or danger as they have strong guarding instincts and a fierce loyalty to their masters. They require activities like playtime and exercise since they have a medium energy level.

  1. Beagle

Once bred for hunting, The Beagle is a friendly, cute, and loyal dog breed. They enjoy playtime with their favorite humans and love their independence. They are very sturdy and will need plenty of exercise, which makes them perfect for active and fitness-minded moms. The Beagle’s playful and loving nature also makes them great for families with children and other pets.

  1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas may be small compared to other dog breeds, but they are packed with lots of spunk. They love being showered with attention but don’t be fooled by this side of their personalities. Chihuahuas are known for their loyalty and protectiveness over their owners, which may require some training. They also do not need much activity as they can get a lot of exercise by playing indoors.

  1. Cocker Spaniel

Happy, affectionate, and charming, the Cocker Spaniel is a popular breed choice among moms. And it’s not hard to see why. Their calm, even temperament allows them to get along well with guests, strangers, and other pets. They are also very loyal to their owners. They are pretty active dogs and will need to be groomed regularly to keep their fur lustrous and beautiful.  

  1. Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier, with its intelligence and alert personality, can be a great furry friend for Mom. They are known for being energetic, outgoing, and strong. The Airedale Terrier loves playing with family members, especially children but will need to be supervised with toddlers and babies. They can form strong bonds with their owners and their high intelligence makes them a delight to be around. We recommend obedience training, however, as many intelligent dogs tend to display mischievous behaviors when they’re bored.

  1. Poodle

Although they give off a snobbish vibe, Poodles are actually gentle and smart dogs. Their intelligence makes them easy to train and their affectionate nature helps them bond with human owners. Moms will go crazy over this breed. Not only are they good with kids, but they also don’t shed a lot. This breed also comes in three sizes, and can vary in demeanor. Miniature Poodles, for example, tend to dedicate themselves to one person the most, but they display the other positive traits of Poodles.

  1. Chow Chow

Known for being excellent guard dogs, the Chow Chow is another great dog breed for Moms. They are determined, serious-minded, and forever loyal to their owners. The Chow Chow is reserved with strangers (thanks to their guarding instinct!) and can adapt to new surroundings. According to the American Kennel Club, the Chow are the cleanest of dogs and housebreak easily.

Choosing the right dog breed as a gift is hard—we know! We hope this list has helped you consider the various dog breeds that act as a perfect match for the special women in your life, whether it’s your Mom, wife, mother-in-law, or grandma.

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