The Best Howl-iday Gifts for Your Puppy

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Christmas is right around the corner so it’s time to begin shopping for the best presents for everyone special in your life! While you plan out shopping trips and compare gift items, don’t forget to include your puppy in your shopping list. Your puppy loves you more than anything in the world, and a well-thought-out […]

Christmas is right around the corner so it’s time to begin shopping for the best presents for everyone special in your life! While you plan out shopping trips and compare gift items, don’t forget to include your puppy in your shopping list.

Your puppy loves you more than anything in the world, and a well-thought-out gift is sure to make their Christmas extra special. 

We know finding the perfect gift for your four-legged friend is easier said than done. There are numerous options that it’s almost impossible to pick. Fortunately, we made this gift guide just for you and your puppy! 

In our guide, you’ll find a variety of different gift ideas that will have your puppy’s tail wagging. From treats to toys, spoil your furry friend with any of these gifts this holiday season!

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A cute Border Collie puppy playing with a rope toy and looking at the camera.

Toys are your puppy’s gateway for fun! This Christmas season, go all out with spoiling your fur-baby with endless toys for puppies. Toys come in different sizes and shapes. 

Some toys have a squeaky sound, which imitates the sound of a prey animal. Other toys are soft and rubbery to help your puppy with teething. 

Here are 3 of the best toys you can buy for your pooch this holiday season. Don’t forget to get your camera ready to snap their reaction!

Kong toys

A Jack Russell Terrier puppy playing with a Kong toy in the backyard.

Kong toys are a little different than your average toy for puppies. Instead of throwing a Kong toy for your furry friend to fetch, you test your puppy’s brain juices and keep them distracted for a few hours.

Many Kong toys are made from a gentle, rubber material, which alleviates your puppy’s teething problems. All you have to do is put a yummy treat inside the toy and let your puppy do all the work. 

By consistently playing with Kong toys, your little friend can become a lot smarter! Enrich your puppy’s life with this wonderful toy!


A Beagle puppy chewing on a rubber ball toy.

Squeaky toys grab your puppy’s attention the moment you squeeze them. The high-pitched sound imitates the sound of a real-life prey animal, which puts your puppy’s instincts into motion.

Most squeakies are made with gentle material that’s easy for your fur-baby to chew on. So throw and squeeze their toy all you like. Your little buddy will never stop playing with it!

Snuggle toys

A Yorkie puppy laying in a white bed with a snuggle toy.

Due to their soft, cuddly look and feel, snuggle toys are very cute! They act as your furry friends’ snuggle buddy when they’re catching some z’s at night (or throughout the day!) or when they need comfort during a scary thunderstorm. 

Most snuggle toys are also perfect for playtime indoors and are washer-friendly. Just make sure your puppy doesn’t use it as a chew toy as its teeth could rip it apart!


A Pug puppy licking its lips and looking at the yummy treat its owner placed on its nose.

We all know that puppies love to fill their tummies with delicious treats! This Christmas, it’s no different. Sadly, most human foods aren’t good for puppies to eat. The best treats to give your cuddly friend are those made with them in mind.

There are numerous kinds of doggy treats you can give to your puppy this holiday season. And rather than being packed with sugar and fats, most doggy treats are nutritious and well-balanced for your fur-baby’s growth.

Here are 3 dog treats that your puppy will wag their tails for!


A cute Golden Retriever puppy standing over the edge of a table and looking at a plate of dog cookies.

Nothing gets your puppy’s mouth watering faster than a plate of delicious cookies. Now, we would never recommend giving your pup Christmas cookies from the dinner table. 

Instead, opt for healthy yet tasty cookies for puppies. These cookies don’t taste that great for us, but we promise your puppy will thank you for their Christmas cookies.

There are many dog food brands that offer yummy cookie treats for your puppy’s delight. You can also try making your own batch of dog cookies. Just make sure the recipe contains nutritious and wholesome ingredients.

Whether you purchase cookies or bake them yourself, we encourage you to fill your puppy’s stocking with their favorite cookie treats this Christmas!


A Siberian Husky puppy chewing on a yummy chewable treat.

Puppies love chewable treats. In fact, they love chews so much that they’ll come running towards you the second you open a bag! That’s why they’re worth filling your puppy’s stocking with this year.

Dog chews provide your puppy with a flavorful experience in their taste buds. They’re also very entertaining, and your furry friend will be distracted for a few hours. 

Many dog chews come in different flavors, such as beef, chicken, and peanut butter. Just pick the flavor your puppy will enjoy and let them chew!

Teething treats

A Jack Russell Terrier puppy chewing on a teething dog treat.

Teething is the most painful stage your puppy will go through. Many puppies try to relieve their pain by chewing on anything they can get their little sharp teeth on. That includes your furniture and shoes.

Don’t worry. This stage is short and goes away once your puppy’s permanent teeth settle in. In the meantime, you can comfort your furry friend with teething treats. 

Teething treats are designed to alleviate the pain and soreness that comes with a puppy’s teething stage. Most treats also provide nutritional benefits including vital protein and vitamins for your puppy’s development. 

Teething treats come in various sizes and flavors, such as salmon, peanut butter, beef, and more!


An adorable puppy trained by its owner in a room.

Having a puppy is a wonderful experience. You’ll always have a friend that’ll love you no matter what! However, all puppies go through their mischievous or rebellious phase, especially when they’re home for the first time.

Training is the best way to teach your puppy your rules. This holiday, make training easier and less stressful with the best training gifts available today. 

The following 3 gift ideas make training a cinch for you and your puppy!


A cute brown Goldendoodle with a pink harness standing in a field.

The first time you try training your puppy to go outside, they’ll likely squirm, tug, or pull at their leash. If you’re using a collar, it can strain or even injure their neck.

This holiday season, we recommend a harness as the best gift idea for training purposes. Harnesses come in different sizes so choose the best size for your puppy and place it securely around their body.

Most puppy harnesses are easy to use, washer-friendly, and comfortable for your puppy to wear. They also come in different colors and patterns.

Potty training pads

A cute Chihuahua puppy sitting on a potty training pad on a wooden floor.

Potty training is challenging when it comes to puppies. Puppies don’t speak human languages so you can’t tell them not to pee indoors. Your puppy also isn’t at fault when they relieve themselves.

That’s where potty training pads come in. Potty training pads are highly absorbent, soft, and protect your floor from damage. 

Some potty training pads also make your training easier by having a pleasant scent that attracts your fur-baby. By putting these in your puppy’s stocking this holiday season, you’ll be able to potty train them in a span of a few weeks!

A training leash

A beautiful Siberian Husky puppy being leash trained by its owner.

Some puppies like to pull and tug on their leash during walks. If that’s the case with your puppy, it’s important to leash train them so that they grow used to walking by your side.

A training leash can help you, especially when paired with a harness. Training leashes are usually 4 to 6 inches in length and are non-retractable, which gives your fur-baby free reign to explore but through your control. 

Many training leashes are sturdy and durable so once you purchase one, you’ll be able to use it for a long time!

Whatever you decide to buy for your puppy, we’re sure they’ll love it! Our stores have a variety of different gift options to choose from. 

Run a list of items your puppy needs to make shopping for their Christmas gifts breeze. Just remember to bring out your camera to snap a few photos or two of your puppy’s reaction.

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