The Best Christmas Puppies For Every Kind of Person

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Finding the perfect gift for your friend or family member can be a challenging task. Yes, there are plenty of clothes, books, and toys to choose from, but those presents aren’t going to cut it this year. Your loved one means the world to you and you want to make their holidays special. If you’re […]

Finding the perfect gift for your friend or family member can be a challenging task. Yes, there are plenty of clothes, books, and toys to choose from, but those presents aren’t going to cut it this year. Your loved one means the world to you and you want to make their holidays special.

If you’re scratching your head for gift ideas, don’t worry. Spoil your special other with the best gift you can give them this year: a puppy! 

Puppies aren’t just cuddly and cute—they’re also a lifetime gift of unconditional love and affection that your loved one can always count on. To help you find the perfect furry match for your friend or family member, we’ve created this ultimate guide for the best dog breeds for different types of people. 

This year, get your camera ready because your loved one will definitely have a surprise you’re always going to want to remember.

Table of Contents

Best Puppies for Families 

Best Puppies for Homebodies

Best Puppies for Outdoor Lovers

Best Puppies for Those with Families

A happy Golden Retriever sitting while surrounded by family.

Although most puppies are great with people, finding the best puppy for families with children can be tricky. Some puppies can’t handle excited behavior or being handled by young children. 

Fortunately, there are many special puppies that thrive with families. Take a look at our picks for 3 puppy breeds for those with families. These puppies’ entire whole world revolves around you and they’re the type to play and cuddle as much as you or your kids want!

Golden Retriever

A cute Golden Retriever with a Christmas Santa hat standing in front of a blurred Christmas tree.

Affectionately known as Goldies, the Golden Retriever is your family’s new best friend the moment you meet them. They’re incredibly friendly with others, even strangers and other animals. 

Goldens are also confident little pooches. They won’t hesitate to greet you with a happy wagging tail and a goofy grin on their faces. When it comes to children, their gentle, patient nature tends to show. 

They are rarely ever aggressive so you don’t need to worry about your Golden lashing out while your children play with them. This breed is also very playful. They have lots of energy and are always up for a fun game of fetch. 

Golden Retrievers have a gorgeous golden coat that needs to be groomed daily. Your Goldie will also need exercise and attention on a regular basis to be happy.

Overall, Golden Retrievers are happy, smart, confident, and lovable dogs that make excellent family pets. Your kids will have a great time playing and chasing after their Golden Retriever puppy. 

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An adorable Poodle wearing Christmas deer glasses and Santa hat sitting while surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Poodles get a bad rep for being prissy or snobby dogs. We promise that’s all for show! This breed is actually the sweetest (and smartest) bunch of pooches you’ll ever meet. They possess a regal, elegant quality to their personality—and it’s the kind of charm that makes them a treat to have in your home.

Poodles are very gentle when it comes to children. They tend to stay calm during high-energy moments. If trained properly, they can perform a variety of different tricks and commands. That’s because Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds in the world.

Along with their gentle and charming side, Poodles are also energetic. They love playing for long periods of time. Their lively demeanor helps them build strong friendships with their human family members. 

Poodles are quirky, smart, easygoing pups that form intense bonds with their family. Like most dogs, Poodles need exercise and grooming on a regular basis to be happy and healthy puppies!

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Mini Bernadoodle

A cute Mini Bernadoodle puppy sitting in the grass.

When you combine the natural good looks of a Miniature Poodle and the strong physique of the Bernese Mountain Dog, you get one adorable puppy: the Mini Bernadoodle!

Mini Bernadoodles (also called Mini Bernedoodles) is a cute designer dog breed that has a wonderful, happy-go-lucky personality. They’re the type of dog that always lights up a room the moment they walk in. They’re also the perfect family companion, growing attached after bonding with their loved ones.

The Mini Bernadoodle is gentle, charismatic, and playful. They love being around young children and enjoy playing games that involve endurance like running or jumping. Mini Bernadoodles are also able to live in different types of homes, including apartments and small homes.

If you or a family member have allergies, the Mini Bernadoodle is a perfect fit. They inherit a hypoallergenic coat from their Poodle parent so you won’t need to worry about allergies around your Mini Bernadoodle puppy. 

We guarantee that you’ll fall for a Mini Bernadoodle’s adorable teddy bear looks, soft fur, and charming nature!

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Best Puppies for Homebodies

A closeup of a happy Frenchie sitting on the lap of its owners and looking at the camera.

Some people love the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Others love staying in, drinking hot cocoa, and binging the latest TV show on Netflix’s Top 10. If you’re the type of person who loves staying at home rather than going out, you may have trouble finding a snuggle buddy who’ll join you.

Good news! There are plenty of four-legged friends that love cuddles and spending their time on the couch…with you! Here are 3 of the cutest puppies that are more than happy to snuggle up next to you as you spend the day at home. 

French Bulldog

An adorable French Bulldog stud wearing a Santa hat and looking at the camera.

French Bulldogs, also called “Frenchies” are the best cuddle buddies to have when you’re staying in. Standing at 12 inches tall, Frenchies are low-maintenance, low-energy dogs with a people-pleasing personality. 

Their calm demeanor often takes dog owners by surprise, but it’s this trait that makes them easy to live with. They are highly adaptable, able to live in large homes and small spaces. Their low-key nature helps them keep up to your pace. 

Along with being cuddly, Frenchies love following you around wherever you go. Their small size hides away the immense love they feel for you. You’ll never feel alone at home with a Frenchie.

Frenchies are also low-key when it comes to exercise. These puppies only need small amounts of exercise like a short walk every day to be healthy. They are able to wind down at home all day without becoming anxious or destructive.

In fact, if Frenchies could talk, they would probably say their favorite hobby is sleeping in and laying on their owner’s lap!

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An adorable Havanese puppy looking at the camera and wearing a Santa hat for Christmas.

Weighing only 15 pounds, Havanese dogs are little dogs with big hearts. This breed possesses a kind-hearted, soft nature, making them great pets for anyone! They are perfect for homebodies because they love spending time at home.

As small dogs, they do not require lots of exercise—just a small brisk walk or a quick playtime session is enough! The Havanese also has a different temperament than other small breeds. These pups are calm and don’t need lots of attention.

Havanese dogs are also adaptable to different living conditions. Whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, your Havanese puppy is happy to follow you there! This breed is also talented when it comes to performing tricks.

They want to please you with anything they do so they’re always ready to learn new tricks. Just make sure to be consistent and repetitive when you train them. Intelligent, sweet, and gosh-darn cute, we’re sure there’s one lucky Havanese puppy waiting to meet you!

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Mini Aussiedoodle

A cute Mini Aussiedoodle puppy standing in a room with a stuffed animal and a few other objects.

Cavapoos, Aussiepoos, Cavachons—there are so many designer dog breeds in the world today! If there’s one designer dog breed that’s a great match for those who love being at home, it’s the Miniature Aussiedoodle. 

A perfect mix of the Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature Poodle breeds, the Mini Aussiedoodle is a brave, outgoing, and loyal dog that’s beloved by many lucky dog owners. Mini Aussiedoodles are very affectionate with their owners. 

They love being around their loved ones…so much so, that they hate being alone! Your Mini Aussiedoodle will spend most of their time with you while you’re at home. These puppies are also friendly with others, even strangers, which makes them terrible guard dogs

However, while your Mini Aussiedoodle may not protect your house from potential threats, they’re easy to train. In fact, they’re probably the easiest dogs to train. Why? Well, Poodles and Miniature Australian Shepherds are two of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. 

As such, the Miniature Aussiedoodle is the “Einstein” of designer dog breeds! Energetic, gentle, and sweet, these dogs will keep you entertained your entire day at home.

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Best Puppies for Outdoor Lovers

A woman holding two cute Labrador Retriever puppies in a field.

There’s no better companion to go on outdoor adventures with than a puppy! Dogs are exceptional outdoor buddies, whether it’s swimming, hiking, or running. Most pooches have strong, sturdy bodies designed for moderate exercise. 

However, there are specific dog breeds that are ready to hike every mountain trail with you—no questions asked. Here are 3 amazing dogs that love venturing the outdoors just as much as you do!

Siberian Husky

A cute Siberian Husky puppy smiling at the camera.

Siberian Huskies have a long and beautiful history in the outdoors. They were bred as sled dogs in the wintery arctic region of Northeast Asia by the Chukchi people. Their strong endurance allowed them to be powerful companions for their owners since they could pull sleds across rough, frozen terrain for hours.

These dogs are sturdy and resilient. Huskies don’t just love exploring the outdoors and being active; they thrive off it. Huskies love the stimulation they receive from experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

Huskies are also physically built for rigorous exercise. They have a muscular, athletic body that’s perfect for running, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Huskies do best in cold weather

They enjoy playing in the snow with their loved ones. If you decide to travel outdoors with your Husky puppy, make sure to take breaks and provide lots of water. Huskies can overheat under too much sun so it’s important to ensure your furry friend is comfortable and safe.

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A happy Rottweiler puppy with tongue out looking at the camera from its owner's lap.

Despite their ferocious looks, the Rottweiler is a loyal, goofy dog with a love for adventure and activity. These dogs enjoy a good afternoon of constant activity, including swimming, trekking, and jogging. As athletic dogs, they need regular exercise to be fit and healthy. 

Along with being great outdoor buddies, Rottweilers are great at performing a job. They’re excellent trackers and herders. They also have fiercely protective instincts so they make amazing guard dogs. 

This breed is gentle and friendly, especially with children. They aren’t aggressive with people they’re familiar with. At times, their goofy side comes out during special family moments. That’s why Rottweilers are one of the best dogs to go outside on fun adventures.

This breed is low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Rottweilers have a coarse coat that doesn’t shed much throughout the year except for specific seasons. They are also alert, confident, and brave.

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Labrador Retriever 

A cute Black lab sitting on a blanket in a field while looking at the camera.

Strong-willed and obedient, Labrador Retrievers are friendly dogs that are a pleasure to have around. Labs have the reputation of being laidback dogs like Golden Retrievers. However, like their golden-haired cousins, these dogs are packed with lots of irresistible energy.

Due to their past as water dogs, Labs are natural athletes and swimmers. This breed needs constant physical stimulation to be healthy and happy dogs. No matter where you’re headed off to, we can guarantee that your Lab will be happy to lead the way! 

Some of the things your Labrador will love to do include hiking, walking, jogging, and exploring. Your Lab’s lean, muscular build gives them the ability to endure extreme physical exercise. 

Labs are affectionate, even-tempered, and low-maintenance. Their coat does not need a lot of grooming. If you’re able to keep up with a Lab’s appetite for adventure, then this beautiful, selfless dog is for you!

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A puppy is a special gift that tells the person you love that they mean the world to you. If you’re planning to give someone you love a puppy this Christmas, make sure that they’re ready to take care of a sweet little puppy. 

Even puppies that are perfect matches for homebodies need attention and moderate exercise to be happy. Christmas season is a time for joy and peace and we hope this list gives you some peace of mind about what dog breeds are perfect for your loved one.

Give your special other a Christmas they’ll never forget with a four-legged best friend! Check out our available puppies to meet your dream puppy!

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