7 Things To Do With Your Puppy Indoors

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In current times, it’s hard to spend time with your puppy outside, especially with the social distancing guidelines in place. You and your puppy may be spending time indoors with nothing to do. Unfortunately, a bored puppy may lash out in inappropriate behavior as a way to get your attention. To prevent your puppy from […]

In current times, it’s hard to spend time with your puppy outside, especially with the social distancing guidelines in place. You and your puppy may be spending time indoors with nothing to do. Unfortunately, a bored puppy may lash out in inappropriate behavior as a way to get your attention. To prevent your puppy from becoming anxious, we recommend stimulating their mind and strength through some fun indoor activities. You may need to rearrange your home a bit but we promise it’s all worth your time. 

Here are 7 things you can do with your puppy while indoors:

1. Work on training

While staying at home, don’t forget to brush up on your puppy’s training. You can reinforce some tricks they may already know or teach them advanced tricks. For example, if your puppy already knows the command “lay down”, you can train them to “roll over” next.  Just make sure each training session is kept short and to the point. This helps your cuddly puppy absorb the new tricks they’re learning. Even if your puppy already knows most tricks, training can be a very rewarding activity for them. Some other advanced tricks you can teach your furry bestie include:

  • Balancing a treat or toy on their nose
  • Learning the names of their toys
  • Leaping through a hoop
  • Putting their toys away
  • Playing dead on command

Once your puppy masters their new tricks, they can easily entertain at gatherings, and even provide help around the house. You’ll be thankful you taught your puppy these tricks in the first place.

2. Play fun games your puppy loves

Puppies love playing games. It doesn’t matter what game they play as long as they’re spending their time with you! Playtime also gives your puppy the exercise they need on a daily basis, and satiates their energetic side. Some games puppies enjoy include fetch, tug-of-war, and hide-and-seek. You can learn more about fun puppy games your furry friend will love through our blog, 10 Fun Games to Play with Your Puppy

To play with your puppy indoors, make sure there aren’t any valuable or dangerous objects near the play area. You should also have a wide open space to allow lots of room for play. If you’re playing a game like tug-of-war, it’s a good idea that they know how to release. You may try incorporating their favorite toys to enhance your puppy’s play experience.

3. Watch movies for puppies

Did you know that there are movies and TV shows made just for puppies? While most puppies do not react or “watch” TV the same way we do, some movies and TV programs can stimulate your puppy’s senses, making their afternoon an interesting one. Many of these dog-related TV programs provide a number of useful benefits to your puppy if they decide to tune in. Some puppies may react to moving images they see on screen by barking, whining, and making any noise to get your attention.

Of course, there are other puppies who don’t react to sounds and images from the TV screen. If your puppy doesn’t seem interested, don’t force them to watch. Your furry bestie may prefer an hour of play time or a cuddle session than whatever your TV offers.

4. Create an obstacle course

If you and your puppy are bored of playing the same old games, try creating an in-door obstacle course. Your furry friend does not need to be an agility expert to play in one. Building an obstacle course is also very simple. You can use pillows, couch cushions, and blankets or you may use supplies like weave poles and tunnels. 

Your puppy will love running through tunnels, jumping through hoops, and climbing on top of different things. They’ll also get the exercise and mental stimulation they need to be healthy. If you aren’t sure how to build an obstacle course or want to teach your puppy agility, check out our blog, Top 9 Best Agility Lessons For Your Puppy.

5. Make a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt may just be your puppy’s favorite game. Why? It challenges your puppy’s sniffing and eating habits. The rules of this game are simple: find the hidden treats and eat! Gather your puppy’s favorite treats and hide them in various areas around your home. Be sure your puppy knows and watches where you are hiding their treats. 

Once you finish, let your puppy look for their treats. You are allowed to give them clues like pointing out obvious places where you’ve hidden their treats. Your puppy may be confused at first so you may need to guide them through the entire game. This scavenger hunt is a lot of fun for the both of you.

6. Test your puppy’s IQ

You may already know your puppy is smart. But if you aren’t sure how much, you can try testing it at home! There are plenty of ways you can check your puppy’s IQ without the need of fancy equipment. You can further train your furry bestie by showing them new commands or play games that recall their memory. 

Everyday items like towels or leashes can be used to determine your puppy’s intelligence. When you drop a blanket on your puppy’s head, for example, their problem solving skills will be put to the test. If your puppy can free themselves in under 15 seconds, they’re quite intelligent! Be sure to include some yummy treats as a part of their IQ test. 

7. Groom your puppy’s fur

Grooming is one of the most essential parts of a puppy’s hygiene. Through good basic grooming, your puppy is able to live a happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many puppies aren’t a fan of grooming but if you start early, you can change your furry bestie’s opinion. Ease your puppy into the habit by introducing your puppy to their hairbrush and rewarding them with treats. Your puppy may end up enjoying the feel of the brush on their fur. Make sure to use gentle strokes to make the act of grooming a pleasant experience for your puppy. Take a look at our blog, Puppy Grooming for more grooming tips. 

The urge to sit around on the couch is tempting but your puppy deserves much more! Challenge your dog with games, exercise, and other activities that allow them to bond with you. Make every moment you spend with them indoors count until you’re both able to venture outside. Any activity you do with your puppy is an experience you should never miss. 

Another important part of your puppy’s health is dental hygiene. For useful hygiene tips, check out our blog, How to Care for Your Puppy’s Teeth