5 Ways to Keep Your Puppy’s Paws Clean

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Your puppy’s paws are super cute and delicate. So you should always take precautions when you take them out for a walk. Here are some ways you can keep your puppy’s paws clean and free of harm. Wipes Clean your puppy’s paws with baby wipes or moist wipes that are safe for them. Wipes […]

You already know it’s important to groom your puppy regularly, but did you know that your puppy’s paws need regular cleaning too? Your puppy’s feet are exposed to a variety of different surfaces during walks or playtime in the backyard. Rough, wet, or dirty, these surfaces are filled with dirt, debris, and bacteria that can make your puppy (and even you) sick.

Remember: your puppy’s paws are an essential part of your puppy’s body. As The Farmer’s Dog explains, the pads on your puppy’s paws “absorb shock, easing the strain that might otherwise be put on a dog’s bones or joints.”

They also protect your puppy’s feet on rough surfaces, allows them to differentiate between different terrain, and protect your puppy’s feet from extreme weather.

And just like the rest of your adorable puppy, their paws are cute and delicate. They deserve to have a full grooming routine that keeps them clean and fresh for any outing. 

Start maintaining your puppy’s paws with a good hygienic routine with the following tips!

Use doggy wipes.

One way to clean your puppy’s paws is with doggy wipes. Use doggy wipes that are moist and safe for use on dogs. These wipes help clean any mud, dirt, debris, or sand off your puppy’s feet quickly. 

If you carry a bag, it’s also easy to take it wherever you go. Of course, if your puppy got into a serious mess, you may need to use a washcloth instead. There are many amazing dog wipe brands available for purchase so make sure to choose one that’s just right for your puppy.

Keep a towel handy. 

Always have a towel in hand after a walk with your puppy. A dog towel helps you clean or dry your puppy’s cute little paws, especially during rainy weather. 

Drying your puppy’s feet prevents a wet or dirty floor and helps your little buddy keep their stability. It may seem like your fur-baby is graceful but they can easily slip on a smooth surface like a hardwood floor.

Now, for dog towels, you can use a regular towel or a dog towel. Dog towels are great because they are made with materials that clean or dry your puppy’s feet well. 

Take your puppy a bath.

There’s no better way to clean your puppy’s paws than a warm bath. Your puppy may protest but we promise that it’s worth all the effort!

Washing your puppy’s paws during bathtime eliminates all of the gunk, dirt, and mud from their feet. This is very important if your puppy loves to go outside. Your fur-baby can collect a lot of dirty and harmful debris just from walking outside. 

You don’t need to bathe your puppy completely—just soaking and washing their paws thoroughly should be enough to remove any sand or dirt. If your puppy is small, you can even do this in a sink rather than a tub.

And if your puppy is a larger breed, you can try using a showerhead to wash and rinse their paws. After you finish washing your puppy’s paws, make sure to dry them before you let them play again. 

Look between the pads.

Like people, puppies collect dirt and other debris in between their “toes” whenever they’re outside. You may feel like giving your puppy a quick wash or wipe is enough to keep your puppy’s paws clean but it may lead to more issues.

Dirt, glass, sand, and other debris can accumulate between your puppy’s paw pads. It can also get stuck around and underneath their nails, leading to itchiness or pain. To prevent irritation to your puppy’s paws, make sure to check in between and around your puppy’s pads.

Be gentle as you check as their pads are sensitive. Part your puppy’s paw pads slowly, removing any dirt or debris you see with a wipe. Check for any signs of irritation, cuts, or bugs. When you finish, dry out your puppy’s paws with a dog towel.

Get your fur-baby booties.

Dog booties are fashionable little accessories that keep your fur-baby’s paws clean and protected from extreme weather. Think of them as cute puppy shoes that protect your puppy’s feet from outside harm—the same way your shoes protect yours! Many dog breeds enjoy wearing dog booties. 

Siberian Huskies, for example, wear these accessories during dog sledding to help keep their feet warm from the snow. Although they may not seem like much, dog booties can keep your puppy’s paws safe too!

Try out the beautiful and fashionable array of dog booties available for purchase. Note: it may take some time for your puppy to get used to their new booties. Most puppies aren’t accustomed to having objects worn over their feet but with time, they’ll adapt to them just fine!

Cleaning your puppy’s paws may seem like one small detail in your fur-baby’s grooming routine but it has a great impact on their health. When you clean your puppy’s feet, you ensure they have clean paws without any signs of infection or irritation that can prevent them from walking. 

It’s also an amazing opportunity to bond with your puppy and let them know you’re there for them no matter what. Taking these extra steps will keep your puppy happy and clean. We hope this information helps you and your fur-baby have paw-some adventures!

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