10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Puppy

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A new year often means a chance to start all over from scratch. Maybe you want to start a brand new hobby or follow a list of goals to meet by the end of the year. Whichever is the case, it’s important to create resolutions for our furry friends—the new year counts as a fresh […]

A new year often means a chance to start all over from scratch. Maybe you want to start a brand new hobby or follow a list of goals to meet by the end of the year. Whichever is the case, it’s important to create resolutions for our furry friends—the new year counts as a fresh start for them too! That way, you and your puppy have the opportunity to improve at the same time, leading to a happy bond. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our list of 10 New Year’s resolutions for your puppy.

1. Give your puppy a proper diet.

The New Year is the perfect start to eating right! Your puppy’s health is highly dependent on the types of food they eat. The more nutritiously balanced their meal is, the healthier they will be! If your puppy begs you at the dinner table, do everything you can to resist those sad puppy eyes. Many new puppy parents make the mistake of indulging their fur-baby’s begging, leading to bad table manners as adults. 

You should also use a measuring cup to ensure your pup is receiving the right amount of food for their age and size. For an accurate measurement, be sure to ask your veterinarian. Always remember to research human foods your pup can and cannot, just to be safe! 

2. Focus on your puppy’s teeth.

Your puppy’s teeth, like your own, are an essential part of their body. Without them, they wouldn’t be able to eat, chew, or perform other normal puppy activities. This new year, make an effort to brush your pup’s teeth on a daily basis. 

A thorough brushing does wonders for your puppy’s mouth! It not only eliminates tartar and plaque, it also prevents dental diseases. Plus, who wouldn’t want their furry friend to have a mouth full of fresh pearly whites? You can get your pup into the habit with a slow introduction to their toothbrush. Our blog, Pet Dental Health has many training tips that can help you!

Apart from daily brushing, you should also take your pup on annual dental checkups. Your vet will be able to evaluate your fur-baby’s dental and oral health. 

3. Get creative with exercise.

Walks are great fun with your puppy, but a new year calls for a new routine. You can engage your four-legged friend with other fun exercises like agility training, puppy playdates, and games

If you’re a person who loves the outdoors, bring your puppy along to your hiking and swimming activities. Meet with other puppy parents to join in on an afternoon of puppy exercise. Once you and your puppy get into the habit of exercising, you’ll both have fun burning calories and bonding together!

4. Get your puppy a fresh new haircut.

Your puppy deserves to start the new year looking gorgeous! Treat your puppy by taking them to the right groomer that will give the haircut that best fits them. The next time you and your pup are at the dog park, be prepared to turn some heads.  

5. Spend more time with your puppy.

Puppies love spending time with their owners. They enjoy the caresses, the praises, the kisses. They especially enjoy playtime whenever the opportunity arises. Of course, with work and family obligations, it can be hard to give your puppy your undivided attention all day. 

With the new year, consider reserving more quality playtime with your cuddly friend! You can take them on longer walks, play with them, or just indulge in cuddle sessions together on the couch. Your puppy would be more than happy to spend their time with you!

6. Go on fun adventures together.

You don’t need to take a trip to Europe or embark on a road trip to go on an adventure with your pup. For your pup, any setting can be a fun little adventure. Just plan out your day trip with some essential puppy items and go! 

We recommend taking your pup to a new dog park, where they can interact and play with new friends. You can also take your furry friend to a local pet store so they can enjoy new sights and even pick out their own toys. Try searching for dog-friendly beaches and restaurants for more fun activities together!

7. Break your puppy’s bad habits.

Is your puppy a little troublemaker? Whether they’re begging for table scraps or tearing through furniture, dedicate this new year to breaking your fur-baby’s bad behaviors. Speak with your vet for the best possible advice. They may suggest obedience classes or a behavior specialist, which you can find online. 

You may also try training your puppy yourself. Be sure to use positive reinforcement and consistent methods on a regular basis. Also, avoid the 4 common puppy training mistakes that many puppy parents make during training. With enough consistency and patience, your puppy will be a well-behaved pooch by the year’s end!

8. Make new friends with other pups.

You may have already heard how important socialization is for a puppy. It’s a process that helps your puppy grow into becoming a well-mannered adult dog. Petland puppies are socialized from a young age, so when they come home to your fur-ever families, they’re used to interacting with all types of puppies and people! 

Still, it doesn’t hurt to meet with new puppies, especially since they can become potential playdates. You can try taking your puppy to a local dog park or meeting with neighbors who have their own cuddly canines. Your new year will be filled with making new friends along the way!

9. Upgrade your puppy’s items.

Does your puppy’s bed have a hole? Are your puppy’s toys torn and chewed? If so, it’s time to restock. Make a list of all your puppy’s essential supplies and visit your local Petland store. Your checklist should include bedding, food and water bowls, toys, dog collars, leashes, and any item in your inventory that are worn out. 

Our stores contain a variety of puppy supplies you will need to properly care for your cuddly friend. Make sure each item you buy for your pup is something they can play with or use for their daily activities. 

10. Go on regular vet visits.

The most important resolution is to take your puppy to the vet regularly. Physical exams and health evaluations are crucial in determining that your puppy’s well-being. It can help you prevent any potential diseases from progressing forward. And to top it off, you can ask your vet for their advice on any concerns you may have about your puppy, whether it’s health or training-related.

The new year is a time for reinvention for most of us. It gives us a chance to reevaluate our lives and move towards self-improvement. These key traits of New Year’s celebrations can give you the push to improve your puppy’s quality of life. Just set the right goals for a happier life and you and your pup will start the year off on the right foot! Wondering if your puppy is healthy? Check our our 6 Signs Your Puppy is Healthy to find out!