Our Puppy Travel Checklist: What To Pack

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Travel Checklist for Anyone Taking Their Pooch on the Road This Summer! The season is upon us to go traveling with our families, and for some of us that includes our four-legged family members as well! This checklist is just a quick reminder of the essentials when leaving home with our animals, so don’t forget […]

The season of summer traveling is finally here! As things slowly return to normal across the nation, many families are planning their summer vacations with their loved ones. For some of us, that includes our four-legged family friends! Now, traveling with dogs (or any pet) should never be an impulsive decision. It needs to be carefully planned so that owners have everything they need to safely travel with their furry friends. To help you have the best vacation with your puppy, we created this checklist of essentials you’ll need when traveling. 

Don’t forget to review this checklist while you pack your bags.

Leash and collar

This one seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget packing a collar and leash for your puppy! Your dog’s collar and leash is an essential travel item. Because the location of your vacation is unfamiliar, your dog may try to run away during a walk or bathroom break. A command may not be enough to keep them under control. With a leash and collar, you ensure your fur-baby’s safety. Make sure your puppy’s collar also has an ID tag attached to it. That way, if your puppy does escape, they can be found quickly.

Medical and vaccination records

When traveling anywhere with your puppy, it’s always important to take their medical and vaccination records along. Medical and vaccination records let authorities and other staff know that your dog is completely healthy and fit for travel. These documents also come in handy during an emergency. If your puppy gets injured or sick while on vacation, you’ll have enough information to help them get the veterinary care they need. Always check what vaccinations are necessary before traveling, especially if you’re traveling outside of the country.

First aid kit

You never know what could happen while traveling with your puppy! We recommend packing a first aid kit, just in case your furry friend gets hurt. Whether you make your own first aid kit or buy one, make sure you include the best items for bruises, bumps, and scratches. For example, many first aid kits for dogs have eye wash, tweezers (for splinters or broken glass), gauze bandages, wipes, scissors, and styptic powder. First aid kits are especially helpful if you’re going on an outdoor adventure like camping or swimming. We’re sure your puppy will thank you!

Blankets or seat protectors

Some dog breeds shed a lot of hair or love rolling in mud while outside. If this sounds like your four-legged friend, make your life easier by covering your car seats with blankets and/or seat protectors. Your puppy will appreciate snuggling in a comfy blanket during a long road trip. You should also bring an extra towel to clean off your furry friend after a day of messy fun!

Safety restraints

Before traveling, check to see if your state has any mandatory seat belt laws for pets. If not, you may want to consider getting a seat belt or safety restraint for your dog. Driving isn’t a fun activity for most dogs. They might squirm or move around while you’re driving, which can be very dangerous for you, your dog, and even other drivers around you. By using a seat belt harness, you and your puppy stay safe in the car without distractions.

Food and water

You already know puppies need food and water to live but it’s highly important to make sure you pack nutritious food that doesn’t upset their stomach. You also need to pack the right amount of kibble or wet food to last the entire trip. We also recommend taking a few dog treats with you so that you can keep your fur-baby entertained, especially during a road trip. Keep your pooch hydrated with a nice supply of bottled water. Plan out a few stops along the way to give your dog some time to eat and drink.


Whether your dog is an anxious traveler (or not), it’s always a good idea to provide them with their favorite toys. Having their toys around distracts your furry friend from chewing on anything they shouldn’t. It can also have a calming effect since it’s something that may remind them of home. Combine toys and treats to give your fur-baby the best start of their vacation experience! 

Bed and crate

Unless you want your puppy to sleep on the hard floor or with you on the hotel bed, don’t forget to pack their bed and/or crate. Their bed and crate is an item they’re likely familiar with so they’ll know it’s time to sleep. It’ll also remind them of their home, giving them that sense of peace before naptime!

We hope this travel checklist is helpful for any adventure you decide to take this summer! Remember to pack patience with you as well. Your puppy may be rowdy or confused during your outings so try not to get frustrated with them.