Pet Safety Tips for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is your chance to spend time with your family and friends–and yes, even your puppy is invited! But like most holidays, there are certain customs we have that aren’t exactly safe for our puppies to participate in. From loud fireworks to crumbs of human food, there are hazards everywhere for young puppies. As […]

Memorial Day is your chance to spend time with your family and friends–and yes, even your puppy is invited! But like most holidays, there are certain customs we have that aren’t exactly safe for our puppies to participate in.

From loud fireworks to crumbs of human food, there are hazards everywhere for young puppies. As a puppy owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your puppy’s safety in mind as you prepare for the weekend celebrations.

Here are a few tips to help you have the safest Memorial Day with your furry friend!

1. Keep your puppy inside.

A cute Labrador Retriever puppy laying on the floor near a gray couch.

When it comes to Memorial Day (or any national holiday), you can’t escape fireworks and other loud noises. We may enjoy our small get-togethers and watching sparkly colors fill up the sky, but it’s a different story with our furry friends. 

Loud, sudden noises with flashes like fireworks are scary for our puppies. They don’t know what’s going on and why. Rather than feeling happy or excited with their human companions, they may become anxious or terrified.

If you notice your little buddy panting, whining, or soiling themselves, they’re likely experiencing heavy anxiety. Your puppy may also become destructive as they try to escape to a quieter, safer area.

Don’t scold or hit your fur-baby if they showcase anxiety symptoms. Instead, offer comfort and soothing words to help alleviate their fear. You can also play with your puppy to distract them or play white noise to block the booming sounds outside. 

2. Always carry ID tags.

A dog wearing a black collar with an ID tag.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to travel this Memorial Day weekend or staying in—always be sure that your puppy has an ID tag and microchip. According to American Humane, around 10 million pets become lost across the U.S., and only 15% of dogs without ID tags or microchips are returned to their owners. 

If your puppy gets lost, their ID tag and microchip will help others locate and returned them home. You can purchase a fitting collar for puppies that can carry an ID tag. Your puppy’s ID tag should contain your personal information, such as your name and phone number. 

We also recommend microchipping your puppy early on. Microchipping your puppy ensures your puppy is located quickly if they escape from your home. You also shouldn’t worry about your puppy getting hurt or feeling pain from the procedure. 

Your puppy’s microchip is usually inserted with a quick, painless injection. Your little buddy won’t feel anything that’s happened! Their microchip will also contain important information about you. 

At Petland, each of our puppies is microchipped before they go home with their new families. Their microchip is registered under a database with lifetime identification with AKC Cart and Help Me Find My Pet (Amber Alert).

These steps ensure that your puppy has a chance to be located and brought back home safely to you!

3. Give lots of water.

An adorable Pug puppy drinking water from a faucet in a kitchen.

Memorial Day events may bring loved ones to your home. As you focus your attention on your guests, don’t forget to hydrate your puppy!

Like with humans, water is a vital part of a dog’s existence. It keeps their body from dehydrating, maintains their normal body temperature, and aids their digestive system. 

According to Richell, dogs need water for every pound that they weigh. If the weather is sunnier and hotter than usual, they will need to drink more water since hot weather causes dogs to sweat and pant.

Puppies can become dehydrated quickly so make sure to offer lots of water to your little buddy, even if you place them inside a separate room. 

4. Keep medications away.

A cute Shih Tzu puppy looking down at a bottle and white pills spilled on the floor while laying down.

Puppies will eat anything they find on the floor. Scraps of food, trash, and even dust bunnies, your fur-baby’s tummy knows no boundaries! Unfortunately, these things can cause your four-legged buddy to get very sick.

One of the most toxic substances your puppy might get into their mouths are medications. Even one small pill can lead to an emergency vet visit. According to PreventiveVet, over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen were responsible for 19.7 % of animal hospital visits. 

Accidents happen (especially during holidays like Memorial Day), but it’s important to keep any medications out of reach from your puppy’s curious mouth. Place Tylenol and pill bottles into your cabinets and make sure to clean the floor before you let your puppy roam your home again. 

5. Do not give table scraps.

A mischievous puppy reaching over a table to grab food.

All dogs have one secret talent that always gets their owners: sad puppy eyes. You’ve likely seen it while you’re munching on a delicious salad or savoring a crunchy treat. Your little puppy just stands next to your chair, looking up at you with the saddest, pleading eyes you’ve ever seen.

While this performance is cute enough to be Oscar-worthy, do not give in. Table scraps do not belong in your puppy’s tummy. Most human foods aren’t safe for dogs to eat. Some human foods like chocolate and raisin are toxic enough to be fatal for your puppy. 

Even foods like candy and peanut butter are dangerous for puppies to eat. These products contain sugar additives like xylitol to give them a better taste but cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs.

This Memorial Day, avoid giving your puppy any kind of human food, even if they give you their famous begging face. If you aren’t sure what foods are safe for your puppy to eat, check out our blog, Human Foods Your Pup Can and Cannot Eat to learn more. 

6. Steer clear of matches and lights.

A beautiful puppy laying on the floor sleeping next to a lighted candle.

Before you light up your grill or scented candles, make sure that your puppy is kept away from harm. Puppies are a curious bunch, and they will try to sniff at a lighted candle or flames. 

They may burn themselves by accident, leading to a vet visit. Your puppy might even knock over a candle, causing a house fire. 

Even if you aren’t lighting candles this Memorial Day, we recommend that you hide them away. Matches, candles, and charcoal are easy for puppies to ingest, and can be poisonous. 

It’s hard to keep up with your puppy’s needs while you spend time with your loved ones this Memorial Day weekend. Remember: your four-legged buddy is also a member of your family. 

As they learn to navigate through this strange world and our human customs, you need to be able to protect your puppy from their own curiosity. 

Take that extra step in keeping your house puppy-proof and we guarantee you’ll have a special, warming Memorial Day!

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