Morkie Poo vs. Morkie: What’s the Difference?

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Morkie, Morkie Poo, Morkipoo…it’s so easy to get these dog breeds mixed up! Both dogs are wonderful, lovable, fluffy pooches who love playing with their family members. Along with their friendly, warm personalities, these breeds have gained popularity due to their small size and hypoallergenic coat. So what’s the difference? In this blog, we go […]

Morkie, Morkie Poo, Morkipoo…it’s so easy to get these dog breeds mixed up! Both dogs are wonderful, lovable, fluffy pooches who love playing with their family members. Along with their friendly, warm personalities, these breeds have gained popularity due to their small size and hypoallergenic coat.

So what’s the difference?

In this blog, we go over what makes the Morkie Poo and Morkie breeds stand apart from each other. This will help you pick the best furry companion for yourself! 

Morkie Poo vs Morkie: Appearance

A cute beige-colored Morkie puppy lays down on a blue and white striped bed.

Both the Morkie Poo and Morkie breeds vary in appearance, depending on their parentage. Morkie Poos, also called Morkipoos, are a mix between the Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie), and Poodle breeds. 

Most Morkie Poos have floppy, triangular ears, brown eyes, and a small to medium-sized muzzle. Some Morkie Poo puppies have a domed skull like their Maltese or Yorkie parents. They may have a long muzzle like a Poodle. Their body may be stocky or slightly lean depending on which breed heritage they take after. 

Morkies strongly resemble their Yorkie and Maltese parents. They’re short and stocky, though some Morkie puppies have longer, leaner body frames. They may inherit short, pointed ears like the Yorkie or long, floppy ears like the Maltese. 

Morkie Poo vs Morkie: History

A cute tricolored Morkie dog looks at the camera with a green and purple colored background.

Morkies and Morkie Poos are two breeds that were created during the designer dog breed craze of the 80s and 90s. During the late 80s, breeders began intentionally breeding different dog breeds for desirable traits, such as a small height and hypoallergenic coat.

The practice continued into the late 90s and early 2000s. The Morkie was created sometime in the 90s as breeders wanted a dog that was friendly and hypoallergenic. Turns out, mixing a Yorkie with a Maltese did just that!

Morkie Poos were likely bred much later in the early 2000s. Morkies are already sweet, affectionate little dogs that are perfect for allergy sufferers. However, by mixing in Poodle genes, breeders were able to create a dog that was extra charming and hypoallergenic.

Morkie Poo vs. Morkie: Size

A cute white Morkie Poo puppy sits on a bed inside a Petland Florida store.

How big do Morkies get? Well, Morkies are small dogs. They can usually grow as big as 4-8 inches tall. A male Morkie can weigh 4-15 pounds while females weigh between 4-12 pounds. 

Morkie Poos also vary in size, weighing around 5-11 pounds. Due to their small size, it’s important to watch these dogs when they’re playing with children or larger dogs. 

Morkie Poo vs. Morkie: Temperament

A beautiful Morkie puppy from our available puppies page sitting on a dog bed inside a Petland Florida store.

Morkies and Morkie Poos are happy-go-lucky, sociable little dogs with a talent for being great friends with humans. Each dog has amazing people skills and thrives with constant human contact. That’s why both Morkies and Morkie Poos hate being alone for a long time. They may become destructive or mischievous if they become lonely or bored.

While Morkies and Morkie Poos are small, both breeds have a “big dog” attitude wherever they go. Neither dog cares if you’re a human, dog, or somewhere in between, they’ll let you know what they have on their mind! They’re also fiercely protective of their owners and are quick to judge strangers.

Morkies and Morkie Poos are equally affectionate, often called “fluffballs” for their warm-hearted, fluffy personalities. It’s hard for many owners to say “no” to the unconditional friendship of these pooches…not that anyone would want to!

However, here comes the differences between the two dogs. Morkies inherit the stubborn, hotheaded temperament of their Yorkie parents. They’re suspicious of other dogs and strangers since they don’t like to share their owner’s attention.

Morkie Poos also have a stubborn streak but they possess an eager-to-please nature from their Poodle heritage. This makes them easier to train and handle, especially for inexperienced dog owners.

It’s important to train your Morkie Poo or Morkie dog from an early age. This will help each dog grow into mature, well-mannered dogs that can be left alone for a while. It’ll also assert you as their leader, rather than the other way around!

Morkie vs. Morkie: Exercise Level

A cute Morkie Poo dog sitting on a dog bed inside a Petland Florida store.

Both Morkies and Morkie Poos do not need a lot of exercises to be healthy. A quick walk or jog at a dog park is enough. For Morkies, you can even meet their exercise needs inside your home. Just play a few games or leave a puzzle toy with them to keep them distracted for a few hours. 

Morkie Poos are energetic so it’s important to indulge them in play. Because of their Poodle heritage, they may enjoy training as part of their playtime. It’s important that you give your Morkie Poo the attention they want. Otherwise, they’ll become depressed or bored. 

Morkie Poo vs. Morkie: Coat and Grooming

An adorable Morkie puppy sitting on a purple fluffy bed.

Like their Poodle parent, Morkie Poos have a beautiful, lustrous coat that can be wavy or curly. Their fur is silky and soft to the touch. Their coat also comes in a variety of beautiful colors, such as cream, brown, black, black, tan, or a mix of these colors.

Due to their parent breeds, Morkie Poos do not shed much hair, making them perfect pets for those with allergies. Daily brushing helps prevent knots, mats, and tangles. They do not need daily bathing—once a month is enough.

Morkies have a soft, shiny coat that ranges from straight to curly, depending on their breeding. Some of their coat colors include cream, black, white, chocolate, and yellow. Their coat can also come in bi-color and tri-color patterns. 

Like Morkie Poos, Morkies need to be regularly groomed to avoid tangles. They should not be bathed daily or weekly as this can strip their fur of its natural oils. If your Morkie becomes dirty, try wiping them with towels or dog wipes.

Morkies also have a low-shedding coat but are not considered entirely hypoallergenic. These dogs may produce a little more dander than Morkie Poos.

Morkie Poo vs. Morkie: Training

A beautiful beige-colored Morkie dog looking up at the camera while on a blue and white striped bed.

It’s important to train Morkies and Morkie Poos from puppyhood to help them mature into well-rounded dogs. Morkies are an intelligent breed and can learn many new tricks. The one obstacle many dog owners face is their stubbornness.

Yes, Morkies are loyal but they also love playing by their own rules. They may try to resist commands or even try to train you! Never give in to your Morkie when it tries to act up. Always be firm and persistent. Your Morkie will be smart enough to realize that you are the boss.

Morkies also need socialization from a young age. These dogs are aloof with strangers so they’ll need to be introduced to new people and situations as puppies. This will help them become more trusting and obedient as adults.

Morkie Poos are also intelligent but do not have the same pigheaded attitude as their Morkie cousins. Instead, Morkie Poos are eager to learn anything you want them to teach them. They love performing new tricks (they get this from their Poodle parents!). 

Training works best for Morkie Poos when there’s positive reinforcement. Of course, some Morkie Poos inherit that pesky stubborn streak of their Yorkie heritage. Be persistent and your little pooch will learn to follow you.

Morkie Poos need socialization as puppies. Socialization helps Morkie Poos get along with other people and dogs as they mature. It can also help them be calmer dogs, which is something that can benefit you in the long run. 

Morkies and Morkie Poos share a similar history, appearance, and personality traits that make it so hard for dog owners to choose which to take home! However, no matter how much they’re alike, it’s important to note their differences to pick the right puppy for your lifestyle and personality.

We know it’s hard to make a choice—both Morkies and Morkie Poos are beautiful, affectionate pets. Regardless of your choice, we wish you the best of luck as a puppy parent! 

If you have any questions about these dog breeds, contact our pet counselors to reserve an appointment at Petland today!