How to Protect Your Puppy on July 4th

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Fourth of July is a day of great celebration and fun activities. However, it is important to remember the safety of your fur-babies on this hectic day. As you prepare for barbecues and fireworks here are some tips on how to keep your puppy safe during this Independence Day. 1. Keep Your Puppy Indoors: It […]

The 4th of July is an exciting holiday that celebrates our country’s official birthday. Packed with yummy food, fireworks, and family friendly events, it’s a fun-filled event that you can’t miss. However, while these activities seem all fun and games for us, the same can’t be said for our furry friends. For puppies, loud noises from fireworks and parties are the scariest part of Independence Day.  These commotions can cause your puppy to become frightened and even run off to escape. In fact, according to PR Newswire, there’s a 30% increase in lost pets every year during the July 4th holiday season, with July 5th being the busiest day for animal shelters.

As such, it’s important to take your puppy’s needs into consideration this 4th of July. While you’re preparing your barbecues and lighting up fireworks, remember these four safety tips for your fur-baby’s safety this Independence Day.


  1. Always leave your puppy indoors.

It’s true that puppies love being outdoors but during 4th of July celebrations, your pooch is better off indoors. Dogs have very sensitive ears compared to ours. Because of this, they can be easily spooked by loud noises from fireworks and even cheering. A study from Research Gate found that at least 23% of dogs are easily frightened by loud noises. Anxiety and fear are just some of the many negative emotions that puppies feel during 4th of July. We recommend putting your puppy in a quiet, safe room away from all the festive commotion. If they get bored, you can leave them with toys, treats, and other forms of entertainment. That way, you can participate in the chaotic fun of Independence Day while your little fur-baby is comfy in their cozy room with the things they love.


  1. Do not give your pup table scraps. 

We admit it—it’s hard to ignore your puppy’s adorable pleading eyes when they beg around the dinner table. However, don’t fall for this trick! Puppies should never eat leftovers or any human foods, no matter how much they beg. Most human food is completely toxic to your puppy, and even the ones that aren’t can make them ill. If you want your puppy to participate in the holiday festivities, you can try baking treats and cookies made specifically for dogs. Check out our blog, 5 Best Homemade Dog Biscuits For Your Puppy for yummy recipes to pick from!


  1. Give your fur-baby some comfort.

Once the fireworks start, there’s no stopping them. Your furry friend won’t know the significance of the loud noises they hear outside. They may become scared or anxious, hiding under tables or chasing after you. If you notice anxious behavior, make sure to comfort your puppy with cuddles, kisses, and love. Talk to them in a calm, soothing voice so that they feel relaxed. You may also want to play with them to distract them from the noises. VCA Hospitals suggests not to overly comfort your puppy as this can aggravate their anxiety even more.


  1. Make sure your puppy wears an ID tag and collar.

During the 4th of July, your puppy may try to escape to a safer location, especially if they’re kept outside. Avoid tragedies by keeping your puppy’s ID tag updated with current information. We also recommend microchipping your furry friend so that if they get lost, they can be found. Check out our blog, Why Puppy ID Tags Are Important to learn more. Try securing your fence and backyard to prevent your puppy from digging. Be sure to block off any doors so that your puppy has no way to escape. 

Independence Day should be a fun day for you and your puppy. By ensuring your puppy’s safety and comfort during 4th of July celebrations, you help your furry bestie feel loved and secure as the fun continues on. We hope these tips help your puppy feel calm and safe during your Fourth of July fun!