The Benefits of Having Two Puppies

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How can I make sure my new puppy and my dog at home will get along? Here’s how to introduce your two fur babies to each other. The first introduction should be in a neutral area. Let the two pups sniff and greet each other. Go on a walk together Introduce your home to the […]

How can I make sure my new puppy and my dog at home will get along? That’s the question most puppy parents have when they decide to bring home another furry friend into their lives and home. Truthfully, there’s always a chance that one puppy may try to dominate or show aggression over the others. They may get jealous and battle each other for the attention of their family members.

As puppy parents, there are a variety of ways you can properly introduce your two new puppies without creating a fight. Here are some tips to introduce your two fur-babies to each other:

Follow a step-by-step process

Your two puppies don’t know each other so it makes sense to introduce them before you play games with them and take them both out for walks. Try the following steps as soon as you bring your new puppy home:

  1. The first introduction should be in a neutral area.
  2. Let the two pups sniff and greet each other.
  3. Go on a walk together.
  4. Introduce your home to the new puppy.
  5. Be sure to have different bowls, beds, and toys for each pup.
  6. Supervise your pups for the first few weeks.

Meeting in a neutral area will help prevent any territorial aggression. The dog park is a great place to have the initial introduction. Let the two pups sniff and greet each other as you take a walk in the park. Stay calm through out and don’t try to force any interaction between both pups. Bring both pups home, and let the new puppy explore their new home.

To reduce any misunderstanding between both pooches, make sure to have different bowls, beds, and toys! For the first week or two, make sure to supervise your furry friends behavior continuously.

What Are the Benefits of Having Two Pups?

Having two puppies means they’ll always have each other around for company. When you’re not home and can’t provide entertainment for your pooch, another furry friend in the house will. Your dogs can play with each other, which can be effective for keeping boredom and lack of stimulation at bay.

Boredom and inadequate stimulation can trigger destructive behaviors such as chewing, pacing, digging and excessive barking. When dogs spend a lot of time around each other, it can help them learn how to deal with other animals and humans. This will improve their socialization skills, but you’ll still have to expose your puppies to the outside world, even if your own home offers entertainment.

Although having two puppies may seem like more work, keep in mind that the cuteness level will double bringing more happiness into your home and of course extra furry cuddles!

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