5 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

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When you’re going on a fun vacation with your dog, pet friendliness likely plays a huge role in what you look for in a travel spot. Many cities are very welcoming towards people, but rarely show the same courtesy to our four-legged friends. Even if you find a dog-friendly hotel or Airbnb, chances are you’re […]

When you’re going on a fun vacation with your dog, pet friendliness likely plays a huge role in what you look for in a travel spot. Many cities are very welcoming towards people, but rarely show the same courtesy to our four-legged friends. Even if you find a dog-friendly hotel or Airbnb, chances are you’re going to want to enjoy exciting activities with your dog, not leave them behind. Before you book a ticket to your next adventure, take the time to research dog-friendly cities in the United States.

Trust us, there are plenty of locations in the U.S. that welcome dogs with open arms (and hearts!). From dog parks to dog beaches, we list some of the best cities that offer you and your furry friend a variety of fun activities you can do together. Let’s take a look at 5 dog-friendly cities across the United States. 

San Diego, CA

As a city that ranks as one of the most pet-friendly cities in America, San Diego has everything you and your dog would want for a breathtaking vacation. This beautiful city is home to a wide array of pet-friendly restaurants, beaches, and parks. Two popular dog beaches include Original Dog Beach and Fiesta Island—both of which promise sunny weather, sandy shores, and relaxing waters. 

Along with adventures at the beach, you can also explore exciting places like San Diego’s Quartyard, which has its own dog park, live music, and street food. If your puppy isn’t too keen on being around strangers, you can enjoy a delicious meal at San Diego’s numerous dog-friendly restaurants. Restaurants like Sally’s Fish House & Bar offer our four-legged friends canine options like cupcakes, cookies, bones, and other yummy treats!

Austin, TX

Is your dog photogenic? If so, we highly recommend Austin, TX for your next destination. Austin is packed with more than 20 professional pet photography studios. It’s also home to countless scenic spots that can be the perfect setting for a quick Instagram photo of your fur-baby. Currently, the city ranks as the 10th most dog-friendly city in the United States due to its high number of dog-friendly shopping malls and centers. According to BringFido, one special shopping center to visit is The Domain

Employees and shoppers will greet your dog, even offer a bowl of water or a delicious treat to help them feel at home! Pet owners will also receive the same warm welcome at restaurants and local food spots like Bow-Wow Bones, which provides doggies with healthy treats. Even restaurants that don’t advertise themselves as dog-friendly will provide a cozy spot for your little buddy on the patio. Other places to visit in Austin are dog parks like Red Bud Isle. Unlike other dog parks, Red Bud Isle is a fun place with a swimming spot for your dog to dip in and cool off, especially if the weather gets a little too hot! 

Tampa, FL

Tampa is known for its colorful blend of nightlife, culture, and scenic views. Fortunately, it’s also a great place for dog owners to bond with their friends. Tampa has one of the highest numbers of dog parks across different cities in the U.S. One magical location in Tampa is Picnic Island Beach Dog Park. Why? It takes the best parts of your average dog park and combines it with a beachy location. 

You can also bring your dog for lunch at any of the dog-friendly restaurants nearby. Restaurants like Square 1 Burgers & Bar provide canines with a mouthwatering menu packed with treats and healthy dog food. Also, don’t forget to take your dog to Westin Tampa Bay, where you can pamper them with treats, beds, and other things they’ll absolutely love!

Seattle, WA

If you and your fur-baby don’t mind rainy, cloudy weather, Seattle is another go-to destination for dog owners. We talk about dog parks a lot on this list but Seattle has a list of unique places for your dog to unleash its energy. For example, dog owners can take a drive to Warren G. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Dog Area. It’s a large dog park that gives our canine buddies some space to play and explore. There are also indoor dog parks to get you and your furry friend out of the rain. 

If your pooch gets hungry, you can visit the local Seattle Barkery or Fremont Brewing Company to try out the yummy doggy treats while enjoying the city life. Be sure to go on a pet-friendly tour like the ones offered on a seaplane with Kenmore Air. No matter where you visit in Seattle, there are countless dog-friendly businesses, shopping centers, and meeting places for all dog lovers and their furry friends.

Kansas City, MO

Often overlooked by other famous cities, Kansas City offers dog owners and furry guests numerous pet-friendly adventures. We mean ones you’ll never forget! If you love to hike and be surrounded by nature, Kansas City is described as the perfect location for trails and local parks. If you have an adventurous pooch, go on a nature walk with them in meadows and forests. Learn about Kansas City’s culture by visiting nearby museums like the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

For a lovely afternoon with your furry friend, visit the Bar K Dog Bar. This dog park is an obstacle course of fun—complete with a jungle gym, toys, and other fun activities made just for dogs! It also serves as a restaurant, coffee shop, and bar (yes, their menu also has delicious doggy meals). 

Whether you’re strolling on a city sidewalk, eating dinner at a restaurant, or enjoying the sea view from a balcony, it wouldn’t be the same without your furry friend. That’s why dog-friendly cities can turn a normal vacation into a magical experience you’ll never forget. Beyond our list in this blog, there are thousands of cities in the United States that will treat your dog like a valued guest. Just make sure to research every city and what they offer for dogs. Even larger cities have unique areas made especially for dogs. We hope our list helps you decide on the best city to travel to with your furry friend!