10 Best Dog Breeds For Hiking

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If you are an active, outdoorsy person, it’s a good idea to search for a furry friend who matches your love for adventure. Most dogs are naturally active but only a select group is able to withstand strenuous activities like hiking. When searching for a perfect hiking partner, you need to consider physical traits and […]

If you are an active, outdoorsy person, it’s a good idea to search for a furry friend who matches your love for adventure. Most dogs are naturally active but only a select group is able to withstand strenuous activities like hiking. When searching for a perfect hiking partner, you need to consider physical traits and personality. Many dogs who make excellent hiking companions are also able to withstand long hours in potentially harsh weather conditions.

We at Petland Florida compiled our list of 10 dogs that are well-suited for hiking. Remember to take the appropriate hiking gear for you and your cuddly friend!

1. Labrador Retriever

Petland Florida picture of Labrador Retriever hiking on a trail in a park.

The Labrador Retriever is an incredible hiking buddy. Along with being friendly, this breed is packed with a high-energy personality that requires constant activity. Labs love the outdoors just as much as you do, so a day of hiking isn’t much of an issue. They just love to explore and stimulate their senses with the sights, sounds and smells of the woodlands around them. You can make your trekking adventure more exciting by playing a game of fetch while the two of you walk!

2. German Shepherd

Petland Florida picture of German Shepherd sitting on a patch of snow while hiking in a forest.

The German Shepherd is a calm yet sturdy dog that makes a great partner for long hiking adventures. Experienced hikers will find these beautiful dogs to be a perfect match for treks on rugged mountain trails. Despite their slender build, German Shepherds are very agile and muscular. These physical traits, combined with their energetic personalities, allow Shepherds to hike and perform other activities for long periods of time. Hiking also gives German Shepherds a healthy amount of mental and physical exercise they need to be happy dogs!

3. Australian Shepherd

Petland Florida picture of a beautiful Australian Shepherd standing in grass while hiking.

Originally bred as a sheep herder, the Australian Shepherdis an intelligent, sweet-natured dog with an adventurous streak. They are always up for a day outside with their favorite humans! Due to their muscular physique and lively nature, the Australian Shepherd is an excellent hiker. This breed is also highly obedient and social—both are important on a hiking path. Overall, Australian Shepherds have the stamina and friendliness to hike on rough trails, steep inclines, and other strenuous paths that other canines may not undertake!

4. Siberian Husky

Petland Florida picture of a Siberian Husky standing on a path in a forest.

There’s a reason the Siberian Husky has become such a beloved breed among hikers. Power, endurance, and beauty—these are traits that usually characterize Huskies, making them amazing hiking companions. Due to their origin as sled dogs in the harsh Russian snow, Huskies are especially adept for hiking on snow trails. Their warm double-layered coat also helps them withstand extremely cold temperatures. Powerfully built with a gentle nature, the Siberian Husky may just be the hiking friend you are looking for!

5. Bernese Mountain Dog

Petland Florida picture of cute Bernese Mountain Dog sitting on a dirt path while hiking.

Strikingly large and beautiful, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a powerful working breed known for its gentle, sweet-natured personality. They possess a strong desire to explore and make friends with everyone they come across. The Bernese Mountain Dog thrives best under cold climates, where they can enjoy short hikes in the snow and in rocky terrains. These wonderful canines are highly obedient and loyal to their owners, making them a delight to take on a hiking adventure!

6. Border Collie

Petland Florida picture of Border Collie sitting on a dark path in a forest.

Bred to live in the outdoors to herd sheep, the Border Collie is renowned for its adventurous nature and high intelligence. These graceful dogs are incredibly agile and can perform various endurance activities. They’re also talented at following directions, which is crucial during a hike. Border Collies love the difficulty of a challenge so you can expect your furry friend to keep up with you on a trail!

7. Alaskan Malamute

Petland Florida picture of Alaskan Malamute standing in a park while hiking.

Like the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute was originally bred to pull sleds in the harsh winter climates. This playful and friendly breed loves spending time in the outdoors, especially during cold weather. Their silky yet thick double coat keeps them warm when the weather is particularly cold. The Alaskan Malamute is also extremely intelligent and built for endurance activities. Long hikes through rough terrains is an ideal adventure for these wonderful canines!

8. Poodle

Petland Florida picture of Poodle sitting in a snowy path and staring at camera.

The Poodle is often depicted as a posh or sissy dog, but that’s far from the truth. Poodles, which come in three sizes, are extremely graceful, athletic, and clever. The Standard Poodle is known for its exceptional athleticism due to their large size and strength. They can endure harsh weather conditions as well as long distances across rough paths. Poodles also thrive in water so be sure to stop by a lake that’s safe to swim in. Their love for the outdoors keeps them on their feet wherever you go during your hike!

9. Weimaraner

Petland Florida picture of a beautiful Weimaraner sitting and looking at camera while hiking.

Sleek and energetic, the Weimaraner is a dog that has a fondness for activity, especially outdoor ones. This athletic breed has a large, muscular body that’s built for stamina and speed, making it a wonderful hiking partner for both short or long treks. Weimaraners, known for their bold personalities, are also super affectionate and eager to please their owners. Their ideal owners are those who can keep up with their active, fun-loving souls!

10. Golden Retriever

Petland Florida picture of a cute Golden Retriever sitting on a hay bale.

One of America’s most popular breeds, the Golden Retriever is a devoted and friendly dog that takes a puppy-like approach to life, even as adults! Goldies are naturally lively and outgoing so they need lots of activity to be happy. They thrive especially on long walks and runs across long distances. Before performing any high-intensity exercise, AKC recommends consulting with your vet to prevent accidental injuries to your Goldie’s bones and joints. Overall, the Golden Retriever’s sociable demeanor and athletic talent make them a great companion for any hiker!

Having a dog that loves to go outside with you can be amazing! Hiking, like other vigorous activities, has numerous physical benefits for you and your furry friend. It even serves as a great way to bond with each other. Just make sure to take the necessary supplies, like water and snacks, before you and your dog go on a hike. We hope our list helps you find the right hiking buddy for you!

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