Puppy Lifetime Training

training-1-dogPetland Florida is proud to offer Lifetime Puppy Training. Learn how to train your puppy into a well-behaved, lovable canine friend with Petland’s Certified Dog Trainer.  Visit Petland Florida and speak with a Pet Counselor about our training program.   Classes are held every Saturday at Petland Florida from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Please click here to  RESERVE YOUR SPOT .

Six week training program:

  • Week 1:
    Introduction of trainer and background.
    Explanation of what positive reinforcement is.
    Explanation of positive markers, negative markers and rewards
    Focus (look) command
    Sit & release command
  • Week 2:
    Behavior modification
    (Potty training, chewing, mouthing, barking, jumping)
    Leash training
    Down command.
  • Week 3:
    Leave it
    Go to place
  • Week 4:
    Come when called
  • Week 5:
    Come when called with leave it
    Give me paw/high five
    Review of all previous commands taught in course.
  • Week 6:
    Basic obedience test
    Graduation ceremony
    Roll over
    Explanation of what is taught in advance training and why it is important to continue education.