How to Bathe Your Puppy!

September 28, 2017

Bathing helps keep your fur-baby’s skin and fur clean and healthy!


Here are some tips on how to make bath time for your puppy a friendlier experience for both you and your best friend.

1. Brush your puppy’s coat thoroughly to remove dirt trapped in their fur.

2. By placing a rubber mat under your puppy’s feet, you will prevent them from slipping.

3. With a hose or a bucket of water wet your puppy with warm water.

4. Start by shampooing your puppy’s neck and work your way down to their paws. As you rub the shampoo
on your puppy, make sure you get a nice lather. Remember to always use your fur-baby’s designated shampoo.

5. When washing your puppy’s face be very careful around the eyes and don’t get water in their ears.

6. Rinse thoroughly and make sure all the soap is washed out of your puppy’s fur.

7. First, towel dry you puppy. If your fur-baby has a short coat, you could let them air-dry. However, if your pooch has longer fur you should blow dry on the lowest setting. Be very careful and don’t move the hair dryer too close to your puppy to avoid burns.

8. Once your pooch’s hair has dried, brush their fur again.

9. Check your puppy for any dry skin patches. If their skin is dry, avoid washing your puppy as frequently.

10. Lastly, reward your best friend with a lot of praise and treats!


By making pleasant associations with bath time, it will be a lot easier for you to bathe your puppy in the future and give you the opportunity to bond with your fur-baby. Although puppies should not be frequently bathed, don’t hesitate to give your puppy a good wash if they get too dirty.